ISSN 2415-1297 (Online)   ISSN 2415-1300 (Print)
Volume : 26 Issue : 1 Year : 2018
Med J Islamic World Acad Sci: 19 (1)
Volume: 19  Issue: 1 - 2011
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1.Ethical Concepts of Right to Life and Pre-Viability
M. Arif Akşit, Ömür Elçioğlu, Turgay Şener
Pages 3 - 8 (547 accesses)

2.The Role of Fever in The Past and Present
A. Sahib El-Radhi
Pages 9 - 14 (910 accesses)

3.The Anatomy of The Orbita Wall and The Preseptal Region: Basic View
Dündar Kaçar, Çağatay Barut
Pages 15 - 20 (980 accesses)

4.A Study of Rnase Enzymes in Saliva Samples from Women with Breast Tumors
Hathama R. Hasan, Yasser A.H. Al-Issa
Pages 21 - 26 (915 accesses)

5.Characteristics of Helicobacter Pylori Infection in Libyan Healthy Peoples in Two Teaching Hospitals in Benghazi
M.A. Mohammad, M. Altayar, A.B. Toboli, A. Bakka
Pages 27 - 32 (884 accesses)

6.Role of Wheat Fortification with Zinc Compounds in Changes of Zinc Blood Level of Community
Shaker Salarilak
Pages 33 - 38 (559 accesses)

7.Family Perception and Delay in Treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: An Iranian Experience
K. Sahfiei, GH. R. Ghassemi, J. Kazemzadeh
Pages 39 - 43 (568 accesses)

8.Diagnosis of The Vein of Galen Aneurism with Colour Doppler in The Antenatal Period
İsmail Güzelmansur, Hanifi Bayaroğulları, Turgay Daplan, Ali Balcı
Pages 45 - 47 (801 accesses)

9.Delayed Treatment of Distal Tibial Fracture Leading to Pseudoarthrosis: A Case Report
Mahmut N. Aytekin, Bülent A. Taşbaş, Mahmut Kömürcü
Pages 49 - 51 (529 accesses)


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