ISSN 2415-1297 (Online)   ISSN 2415-1300 (Print)
Volume : 27 Issue : 3 Year : 2019
Med J Islamic World Acad Sci: 14 (2)
Volume: 14  Issue: 2 - 2001
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1.Study of Serum Levels of Stem Cell Factor in Patients with Bladder Cancer
Nosratollah Zarghami, Saeed Samadzadeh, Reza Golikhani, Jamal Hallajzadeh, Siamak Jabbarzadeh
Pages 45 - 52

2.Breast Cancer Risk in relation to Dietary Fat along with Some Other Nutrients
Muhammad S. Akhtar, Kausar Almas, Noreen Aslam, Atta-Ur -Rehman
Pages 53 - 60

3.Determination of Left Ventricular Mass by Echocardiography in Normal Arab People
Mohammad M.J. Mohammed
Pages 61 - 66

4.Acute Gastric Perforation in Neonatal Period
Manizheh M. Gharehbaghy, Mandana Rafeey
Pages 67 - 69

5.Close Relationship of Serum Lipoprotein(A) with Ultrasonographically Determined Early Atherosclerotic Changes in The Carotid and Femoral Arteries in End-Stage Renal Failure Patients Undergoing Hemodialysis
Azar Baradaran, Hamid Nasri, Forouzan Ganji
Pages 71 - 77

6.Changes in Serum Lipid Profile and Malondialdehyde following Consumption of Fresh or Heated Red Palm Oil
Jaarin Kamsiah, S. Nik Aziz, S. Tan Siew, I. Syed Zahir
Pages 79 - 86

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