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Volume : 27 Issue : 3 Year : 2019
Med J Islamic World Acad Sci: 6 (1)
Volume: 6  Issue: 1 - 1993
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1.Short Backfire Antenna with Double Flat Back Reflector and Rectangular Aperture as Feed Element
R. A. Al-Rashid, M. M. El-Kadi
Pages 3 - 7
A double back reflector short backfire antenna is constructed and investigated. The performance of the antenna is compared with that of a single back reflector short backfire antenna at the design frequency of 9.35 GHz. The dimensions are optimized to give a maximum directive gain. The gain, the half power beam width and the band width of the antenna are improved without adding much to antenna weight, size or cost.

2.Some Reactions of Pyrazolo (1,5-C) Pyrimidinethiones
Mohammed G. Marei
Pages 8 - 14
Bromination and iodination of the 2,5-diaryl-6H-pyrazolo [1,5-c] pyrimidine-7-thiones gave mono-and/or dihalogenation products, whereas nitration yielded only monosubstitution derivatives. However, with benzenediazonium chloride in the presence of sodium hydroxide afforded the respective monophenylazo disulfides. Acetylation, benzoylation and benzylation of 5-p-chlorophenyl-2-phenyl-6H-pyrazolo [1,5-c] pyrimidine-7-thione furnished the N-substituted derivatives. The pyrazolopyrimidinones were obtained by reaction with alkaline hydrogen peroxide.

3.Formation of Charged Species in (n, y) Activated Iodoform in Nitrobenzene
M. R. Zaman, S. P. Mishra
Pages 15 - 17
Charge Plate Technique (CPT) which essentially applies a high voltage D.C. field across the Ag/AgI electrodes has been used in studying the origin of charged species in (n, ) activated iodoform - nitrobenzene mixtures. Anode plate shows a fairly high order of radioactivity. No cathodic deposition has been observed. Electrode yields are drastically influenced by the presence of NB. It is concluded that Auger charging and the sequential charge transfer process are responsible for the formation of charged species in (n, ) activated iodoform (IF) in nitrobenzene (NB).

4.Periodic Meaningful Symbols for The Chemical Elements
Ramdane Ouahes
Pages 18 - 24
The present symbols of the elements are main abbreviations of names in accordance with a very old tradition. Considering the recent attempts to rationalize the symbols of the elements beyond Z=103, we propose to proceed much further and conceive for every element a meaningful symbol able to predict its properties. For this purpose we refer to the electron structures and feel logical to link the symbol to the valence shell population. The symbol is built with one or two letters whose frame determines the involved valence shells and with right superscript numbers indicating the valence - electron population. Thus, using seven letters only and limited small numbers we could conceive a set of periodic rational symbols. We do not need any more to refer to Latin-Greek roots and even to the periodic table of the elements.

5.Some Physical Properties of Brominated Polyisocyanates
A. Magdy Motawie
Pages 25 - 28
Rigid polyurethane was prepared from alcoholized castor oil and toluene diisocyanate. Modification of polyurethane was carried out by treating with bisphenol (4,4'-dihydroxy diphenyl propane) and brominated bisphenol (tetrabromo 4,4'-dihydroxy diphenyl propane) to improve its physical properties. The probable quantities of bisphenols for alcoholized castor oil to form cross-linked network structure of polyurethane are given. These two structures have high level tensile strength, elongation and excellent electrical resistivity. All samples can be used in mechanical and electrical fields. In addition the brominated samples act as flame retardants.

6.Citrinin Accumulation Under Stress of Camphore and Blue-Gum Extract
H. A. H. Hasan
Pages 29 - 32
The effect of camphore and the aqueous leaves extract of blue-gum (Eucalyptus globulus L.) on the growth of Aspergillus terreus var. aureus and the formation of citrinin was studied. The low levels 0.05 and 0.5% of camphore and leaves extract, respectively, were found to be the most effective on citrinin synthesis during all periods of incubation. The high level of camphore (0.5%) inhibited the mycelial growth and citrinin production after 5 days of incubation. However, after 10 and 15 days of incubation, citrinin increased, but was still below the control level. In replacement culture, camphore increased citrinin accumulation with rise in respiration. There was no increase in citrinin accumulation at a defined level of stress and this depended on the pre-grown mycelia and condition of their incubation.

7.Trace Elements Alterations in Chronic Hemodialysis Patients with Chronic Renal Failure and Proteinuria
T. Tetiker, S. Paydas, G. Yüregir, Y. Saglıker
Pages 33 - 35
The levels of serum copper (Cus), zinc (Zns), magnesium (Mgs); erythrocyte Zn (Zne) and Mg (Mge) levels were studied in 24 patients undergoing hemodialysis (HD), 85 patients with chronic renal failure (CRF), 71 proteinuric patients and 32 healthy subjects. Zns and Zne levels were significantly lower in the HD patients (p<0.02, p<0.02) and patients with CRF (p<0.02) compared to the control group. Post-HD Mgs levels were higher than pre-HD Mgs levels (p<0.02). But Mgs levels were not different in hemodialysis patients compared to controls. Zns levels were found low in all of the proteinuric patients according to control group (p<0.05). According to these results the zinc deficiency in uremic patients may be related to reduced dietary zinc intake more than due to hemodialysis. The levels of Zns and Mgs were lower in proteinuric patients. The low level of serum zinc may be a result of increased urinary loss and/or decreased intestinal absorption of zinc.

8.Plasma Levels of Aspirin Metabolites in Libyan Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Rheumatic Fever
Mustafa M. Ziu, A. S. M. Giasuddin
Pages 36 - 41
Plasma aspirin metabolite levels were studied in Libyan adult patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) (Number: 4, age: 37-50 years, sex: 2 males, 2 females) and in pediatric patients with rheumatic fever (RF) (Number: 6, age: 5-12 years, sex: 3 males, 3 females) given high doses of aspirin. Two hours after the daily dose of aspirin therapy, plasma salicylic acid (SA), salicyluric acid (SU) and gentisic (GA) were analyzed by high performance liquid chromatography system. In adult patients with RA, plasma levels of GA varied from 1.2 mg/L on day 1 to 2.7 mg/L on day 7, while SU levels varied from 4.9 mg/L on day 1 to 10.2 mg/L on day 7 and SA varied from 60.2 mg/L on day 1 to 305 mg/L on day 7. All adult patients with RA reached steady state for SA between 5th and 6th day of high aspirin doses. In pediatric patients with RF, plasma SA level varied from 130.2 mg/L to 610 mg/L, while SU level varied from 1.8 mg/L to 17.5 mg/L. Some pediatric patients showed very low levels of plasma GA, while others exhibited plasma GA levels as high as 4.1 mg/L. The females, in both groups of patients, had higher plasma SA levels than males. The female children with RF had higher GA levels than adult patients with RA (3.9±0.1 vs 2.6±0.08 t=12.7, df = 5, p<0.01). Thus this study had shown that there is a wide variation in the pharmacokinetics of aspirin metabolism. It is therefore suggested that plasma aspirin metabolite levels of patients on long term high dose salicylate therapy be monitored routinely to ascertain if therapeutic, rather than toxic, plasma levels are reached and being maintained.

9.The Liver Hemosiderosis in Beta-Thalassemia Intermedia and Hemoglobin H Disease
R. Koçak, F. Baslamıslı, N. Tunalı, N. Z. Alparslan
Pages 42 - 45
To evaluate the degree of secondary hemochromatosis, liver biopsies were taken from 5 patients with ß-thalassemia intermedia and three patients with hemoglobin H disease. The morphological and the clinical findings were compared. The serum ferritin level was correlated with the grade of hemosiderosis (R=0.818). The age of the patients (R=0.340) and the amount of transfusion (R=0.207) however, were not found related. Patients Splenectomized earlier had developed higher degrees of hemosiderosis.

10.Ultrastructural Demonstration of Helix Pomatia Lectin-Binding Sites in Goblet Cells of Human Conjunctiva
Aysel Seftalıoglu, Gülgün Tezel, Tongalp Tezel, Belma Alabay
Pages 46 - 51
The Lectin-binding sites in goblet cells of normal human conjunctiva were investigated at the ultrastructural level by means of post-embedding staining of resin-embedded thin sections, using Helix pomatia lectin-gold complex (HPL-GC). The satisfactory labeling and good fine structure preservation were obtained by mild aldehyde fixation, Agar resin 100 embedding and post-embedding staining protocol. The Helix pomatia lectin-binding sites were intensely observed over mucus droplets of goblet cells. This finding demonstrates that N-acetyl-D-galactosamine is present in the glycoconjugates of goblet cells of human conjunctiva.

11.The Strategy of Conservation of Genetic Resources
Reda H. Sammour
Pages 52 - 55
Genetic resources contain the natural gene pool responsible for yield, natural pests resistance, adaptation for the environmental stresses and other desirable traits. The approaches of conservation depend on the nature of the conserved material, the objective of conservation, and the scope of conservation, mass reservoir and in vitro conservation. These approaches can be used very effectively for the conservation of the wild communities, forage plant, primitive cultivars, land races, sexual and asexual plants.

12.Modulatory Action of Testosterone on Morphine-Induced Changes of Mice Brain Prolactin
Manoucher Messripour, Ali Haeri, Mohsen Ani, Z. Hashemi Sohi
Pages 56 - 58
Interactions between sex hormones and opioid system in the brain may play a functional role in the regulation of pituitary hormone release in animals. In this study the effect of chronic administration of morphine on the brain levels of prolactin in gonadectomized and testosterone treated mice were examined. Castration of male animals caused a reduction of about 90% in the brain level of prolactin as compared to that of intact animals. Moreover administration of increasing doses of morphine (40 to 100 mg/kg) for a period of 9 days resulted in a reduction of 30% in the prolactin level in both intact and gonadectomized mice. However administration of testosterone to gonadectomized morphine treated animals resulted in a significant increase (about 40%) in brain prolactin level as compared with control values.
It is suggested that testosterone at its physiological concentration may not be involved in modulatory action of morphine on prolactin secretion, whereas there is a significant interaction between testosterone and opiates for modulation of prolactin secretion when the testosterone concentration is higher than physiological level.

13.Biodistribution of Technetium- 99m Labeled Diltiazem and Nifedipine in Normal Mice
Meral T. Ercan, Tulin Aras, Nail Çaglar
Pages 59 - 62
Diltiazem and nifedipine were labeled with 99mTc by Sn++ reduction method with an efficiency of greater than 99% as determined by ITLC. The biodistribution of both agents were studied in normal mice at various intervals. Scintigrams were also obtained at 1 hour post-injection of mice and at 30 min intervals up to 3 hours in rabbits. Our results indicated a very high accumulation in liver (max. 61.4±10.0 %/g for 99mTc-diltiazem and 36.1±0.6 %/g for 99mTc-nifedipine) with negligible uptake by other organs in mice. Chromatographic analyses of urine samples indicated excretion of a soluble metabolite of 99mTc-diltiazem in high quantity (89.6±3.6 % of the total radioactivity in the urine). Because of high liver accumulation and no selective uptake in myocardium (max. 0.72±0.01 %/g for 99mTc-diltiazem and 0.312±0.224 %/g for 99mTc-nifedipine) the labeled compounds cannot be used for the scintigraphic visualization of myocardium.

14.A Case of Late Onset Gaucher Disease with Severe Pulmonary Involvement and Concurrent Tuberculosis
Ayda Uluhan, Semra Paydas, Ertugrul Seyrek, İlhan Tuncer, Ediz Cosar, Berksoy Sahin
Pages 63 - 66
Gaucher Disease is the most common of the storage diseases characterized by deficiency of the enzyme glucocerebrosidase and thus accumulation of glucocerebroside in lysosomal macrophages resulting in multiple organomegalies and functional abnormalities. The absence of the enzyme or its cofactors is a genetically inherited (autosomal recessive) abnormality and multiple mutations are being discovered recently. The disease manifests itself in 3 distinct clinical forms with different prognosis. Diagnosis is best made by detection of B-glucosidase activity in leucocytes but usually it is done by recognition of typical Gaucher cells in the bone marrow microscopically. Many organ systems are reported to be involved in Gaucher disease. Though pulmonary involvement is rarely encountered, it reflects a poor prognosis resulting in death in many of the patients. We describe a case of Gaucher disease of late onset with outstanding pulmonary symptoms causing death in a short period of time. An interesting feature of this case was the coexistence of tuberculosis, discovered at the postmortem examination involving multiple tissues. This coexistence was not only rare but it was also conflicting with the reports underlining the genetic resistance of Gaucher patients against tuberculosis. Thus one must consider coexisting diseases together with Gaucher's disease when pulmonary involvement is concerned.

15.Retrobulbar Mass associated with Prostate Carcinoma
Murat Sert, Semra Paydas, Ertugrul Seyrek
Pages 67 - 68
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16.Effects of Gamma Rays and Sodium Chloride on Growth and Cellular Constituents of Sunflower (Helianthus Annuus L.) Callus Cultures
Mobashar S. Omar, Dheya P. Yousif, Abdel-Jassim M. Al-Jibouri, Maha S. Al-Rawi, Mohammed K. Hameed
Pages 69 - 72
The effect of gamma rays and NaCl on growth and cellular contents of soluble carbohydrates, protein and nucleic acids in Helianthus annuus L. callus were investigated. Optimal callus initiation was attained in stem segments cultured in MS medium enriched with 0.05 mg/1 2,4-dichloro phenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D) and 0.01 mg/1 N-6 furfurylamino purine (kinetin). Radio sensitivity, based on fresh weight changes, was determined following exposure of the calli to different doses of gamma rays. The LD50 was calculated and it was equal to 2.8 krad. Inclusion of NaCl in the medium caused a significant reduction in callus fresh weight. In general, the cellular contents of protein, soluble carbohydrates and ribonucleic acid (RNA) were reduced, while deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) increased at 2% NaCl level. There is a significant increase in protein, carbohydrates and DNA, while a significant reduction in RNA content was observed. The role of such information in breeding for salt tolerant sunflower following physical mutagenesis in vitro is outlined.

17.Choice of A Service System for Palm Trees
Thwainy Ali, Mehmet Akyurt, T. M. Abu-Mansour
Pages 73 - 81
Design criteria are presented for the development of machine systems for the servicing of the crowns of closely-packed, randomly distributed and clustered palm trees where the row middles may be intercropped. A generic service platform is then introduced, along with a universal trailer for transporting and initial-positioning of the platform. Six different palm service systems are then described and briefly discussed. The proposed machine systems, along with the date service machine of KSU, are judged according to the stated design criteria. It is concluded that all of the new PSS machines possess sufficient potential to warrant further investigation.

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