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Volume : 26 Issue : 2 Year : 2018
  Medical Journal of Islamic World Academy of Sciences
Med J Islamic World Acad Sci: 26 (2)
Volume: 26  Issue: 2 - 2018
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1.Role of spinal anesthesia in the endoscopic treatment of distal, middle, and proximal ureter stones
Öznur Uludağ, Mehmet Özgür Yücel, Hatice Kuşderci, Ülkü Sabuncu, Ebru Dumlupınar, Ruslan Abdullayev
doi: 10.5505/ias.2018.19577  Pages 27 - 30

2.Thiol–Disulfide balance in patients with renal colic
Yavuz Otal, Serkan Demircan, Alp Sener, Murat Alisik, Fadime Gullu Ercan Haydar, Ozcan Erel, Ayhan Ozhasenekler, Servan Gokhan
doi: 10.5505/ias.2018.79026  Pages 31 - 34

3.A treatment experience of intravenous immunoglobulin and therapeutic plasma exchange in a neurology clinic for 5 years
Şadiye Gümüşyayla, Gönül Vural
doi: 10.5505/ias.2018.79990  Pages 35 - 40

4.Clinical and pathological features of squamous cell carcinoma of the lip
Aydan Kılıçarslan, Hayriye Tatlı Doğan
doi: 10.5505/ias.2018.98623  Pages 41 - 45

5.Child's life and health in the Holy Qur'an
Luay Al-nouri
doi: 10.5505/ias.2018.10437  Pages 46 - 48
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