ISSN 2415-1297 (Online)   ISSN 2415-1300 (Print)
Volume : 25 Issue : 2 Year : 2017
Med J Islamic World Acad Sci: 15 (2)
Volume: 15  Issue: 2 - 2005
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1.Study of Correlation between Serum Zinc Levels and Telomerase Activity in Bladder Cancer Patients
N. Zarghami, J. Hallajzadeh, S. Samadzadeh, D. Hasanzadeh, S. Jabbarzadeh
Pages 47 - 54 (622 accesses)

2.Is There A Balance between Oxidative Stress and Antioxidant Defense System during Development?
R. G. Ahmed
Pages 55 - 63 (428 accesses)

3.Effects of Bacterial Endotoxin on Some Metabolites and Enzymes in Rat Serum
ABD El Rahman A. El Garawany, Othman A. Al Sagair, Ezzat S. El Daly, Kamal A. El Shaikh, Mahmoud H. El Gebaly, Ahmed A. Mousa
Pages 65 - 72 (696 accesses)

4.Family Education and Social Adjustment of Psychiatric Clients
GH. Reza Ghassemi, GH. Ali Assadulahi, Shikha Mallik
Pages 73 - 80 (507 accesses)

5.Effects of Vitamin E on Food Intake and Body Weight in Rats Exposed to Restraint Stress
Nur A.M. Fahami, Nafeeza M. Ismail, Khalid B.A. Khalid
Pages 81 - 86 (549 accesses)


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