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Volume : 25 Issue : 1 Year : 2017
Med J Islamic World Acad Sci: 6 (2)
Volume: 6  Issue: 2 - 1993
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1.Nuclear Transplantation in Different Families of Teleost: Combination of The Nucleus of Zebrafish (Brachydanio Rerio) and The Cytoplasm of Loach (Paramisgurnus Dabryanus)
Y. Shaoyi, M. Zhongrung, L. Shukhong, H. Guoping, C. Huiping, J. Guanquin, L. Lidong, X. Shiling, Y. Leining, X. Dequan
Pages 82 - 87 (286 accesses)

2.The Effects of Aspirin Metabolites on Nadh-Methaemoglobin Reductase (Diaphorase) Activity in Human Erythrocytes
M. M. Ziu, A. S. M. Giasuddin
Pages 88 - 94 (182 accesses)

3.Partial Purification of Phospholipase C from Oxystelma Esculantum
A. N. Memon, M. U. Dahot
Pages 95 - 98 (237 accesses)

4.Synthesis of Some 6-(Alkylamino) Methyl Hexahydro-5-Aryl-And Aralkyl-4, 7-Methanoindan-5-Ols and Certain of Their Propionate Esters as Analgesics
M. Nabil Aboul-Enein, A. A. El-Azzouny, N. A. Abdallah, S. M. Moharam, W. Werner, A. Eid, A. A. Makhluf
Pages 99 - 107 (257 accesses)

5.Oxytocic Activity and Toxic Effects of Globulins of Abrus Seeds (Scarlet Variety) in Rabbits
F. Zia Khan, M. Asif Saeed, Ejaz Ahmad
Pages 108 - 113 (329 accesses)

6.Comparative Effect of Different Levels of Gentamicin in Viable Bacterial Count of Cow Bull Semen
Z. I. Qureshi, Ala-Ud -Din, L. A. Lodhi, R. U. Sahahid, N. A. Naz
Pages 114 - 117 (276 accesses)

7.Ammonia Assimilation in Methanobacterium Formicium and Some Properties of Glutamine Synthetase
Raquya Siddiqi, John P. Robinson
Pages 118 - 120 (320 accesses)

8.Action of Streptococcus Faecalis Chain Disruption System as Revealed by Scanning Electron Microscopy
M. Rafi Shaikh, Dilvanaz Shaikh, B. Shyum Naqvi, Mohammad Farouq
Pages 121 - 123 (246 accesses)

9.Studies on Mycoflora and Aflatoxin in regular and Decaffeinated Black Tea
H. A. H. Hasan, M. A. Abdel-Sater
Pages 124 - 130 (531 accesses)

10.Nd: YAG Contact Laser Arthroscopy Preliminary Report
O. Sahap Atik, Ertugrul Sener, Selçuk Bölükbası, Erdal Cila
Pages 131 - 132 (182 accesses)

11.Scanning Electron Microscope Study of Human Enamel Surfaces Treated with Topical Fluoride Agents
Seval Ölmez, Binnur Yüksel, Hamdi Çelik
Pages 133 - 139 (346 accesses)

12.Hydrothermal Reactions between Lime and Aggregate Fines I. Experimental Conditions for Strength Improvement Using Saturated Steam at Atmospheric Pressure
S. Alam Khan, Y. Ali Talib
Pages 140 - 144 (422 accesses)

13.Clinical, Biochemical and Histopathological Findings and Long-Term Prognosis in Mesangiocapillary Glomerulonephritis
Tamer Tetiker, Saime Paydas, Yahya Saglıker, Gülfiliz Gönlüsen, Abdülkadir Ersoy, İlhan Tuncer
Pages 145 - 148 (283 accesses)

14.Some Chemical Additives to Increase The Activity Spectrum of Bacillus Thuringiensis Var. Kurstaki (Dipel 2x) against The Rice Moth Corcyra Cephalonica
A. A. El-Moursy, A. Sharaby, H. H. Awad
Pages 149 - 154 (320 accesses)

15.The Effect of Antioxidant Agents on Cadmium Induced Impairment in Gastric Mucosa of Rats
V. N. İzgüt- Uysal, Gülsen Öner, Ümit K. Sentürk
Pages 155 - 159 (281 accesses)


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