ISSN 2415-1297 (Online)   ISSN 2415-1300 (Print)
Volume : 30 Issue : 1 Year : 2023
Med J Islamic World Acad Sci: 10 (2)
Volume: 10  Issue: 2 - 1997
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1.Theoretical Analysis of The Radiation Fields of A Short Backfire Antenna Fed by A Rectangular Waveguide
Z. A. Ahmed, A. A. Obaid
Pages 37 - 41
Mathematical expressions in closed form for the radiation fields of the short backfire antenna have been derived, based upon the current distribution method. The calculated patterns are found to be in good agreement with the measured patterns given by other research workers.

2.Reviews and Views: Insect Conservation and Diversity
M. Ragaei, M. Allam
Pages 43 - 48
This paper discusses insect diversity, the scientific interest and potential value of insects, insect conservation, measurements of insect diversity and future of insect diversity in Egypt.
Combining the approaches of systematics and community ecology that improve our understanding of insect diversity are also discussed. For those interested in the traditional systematic approach it will provide identified specimens, identification guides, and natural history data. On the other hand our results will provide needed data on insect communities, on methods of estimating species richness and community ecology and ecosystem function. Above all, it showed agreement in the conservation's tool box, allowing the largest component of biodiversity, the arthropods including insects; to be used for the conservation of habitats.

3.A Characterization of Montel Spaces
Abdul Quddus
Pages 49 - 54
In this paper an analytic criterion for test function spaces of type K { Mp } to be a Montel space are studied.

4.A New Fast Automatic Technique for Fingerprints Recognition and Identification
S. M. Ali, M. S. Al-Zewary
Pages 55 - 60
Because automatic image analysis depends greatly on image segmentation, a new fast edge algorithm is proposed to trace ridge lines of the fingerprint images. Edge line skeleton method, based on edge point categorization, is also introduced. Fingerprint image core point is detected by an adaptive technique suggested in this work. The core is based on slicing the edge lines into four groups representing the four possible directions (i.e. vertical, horizontal and two diagonals). A set of 34-measure features are proposed for recognizing and identifying fingerprint images.

5.Characterization of Laser Annealed Se-Implanted GaAs
A. H. Oraby
Pages 61 - 66
A Q-switched ruby or Nd: Glass laser has been used to anneal Se-implanted GaAs. Differential Hall-effect and sheet-resistivity measurements have been carried out to investigate the electrical properties of the implanted layers as a function of laser energy density and laser wavelength. Electron concentrations greater than 1x1019/cm3 were obtained but mobility values were low. Significant indifussion of Se atoms was observed following laser irradiation. The depth of electrically active layer greatly depends on the laser energy density. A comparison of the measured annealed depth as a function of laser energy density with the theoretically calculated annealed depth is presented.

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