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Volume : 30 Issue : 1 Year : 2023
Med J Islamic World Acad Sci: 5 (4)
Volume: 5  Issue: 4 - 1992
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1.A Simple Synthesis of Novel 3-Aryl-5 Hydroxy-5-(-Hydroxyimino--Phenylethyl)-4, 5-Dihydroisoxazoles, 3-Aryl-6-Benzylidene-4, 5-Dihydro-2H-1, 2-Oxazin-5-One Oximes and 5-Aryl-2-Benzylidene-1-Hydroxypyrrol-4-in-3 Ones from 3(2H)-Furanones
Mohamed G. Marei
Pages 231 - 236

2.Study of The Rates of Reaction between ß-Monobromopropionate and Thiosulphate Ions in Isodielectric Media of Aqueous n-Propanol
Fahim Uddin, Zahida Khalid
Pages 237 - 240

3.Investigation of Proteases in Plant Seeds
M. Umar Dahot
Pages 241 - 244

4.Design, Synthesis and Pharmacological Evaluation of N-Methyl Piperidine Derivatives
Saira Hameed, Z. S. Saify, S. M. Baqar, Hadi Naqvi, M. Saeed, Abdullah Khan, Mansoor Ahmed
Pages 245 - 248

5.Indoor Radioactive Pollution due to Radon and Its Daughters
Hameed A. Khan, Hasee Bullah
Pages 249 - 255

6.The Vegetation and Habitat Types of Baha Plateau (Saudi Arabia)
Z. A. R. El-Karemy, K. M. Zayed
Pages 256 - 264

7.Influence of The Insecticide Dimethoate on Some Metabolic Activities of Five Zoosporic Fungi
A. M. A. Khallil, S. A. Omar
Pages 265 - 269

8.Myco-Algal Flora of The Aquatic Environment from Vicinity of Karachi
Phool B. Zahid, Fatima S. Mehdi
Pages 270 - 274

9.Survival and Efficiency of N2-Fixing Cyanobacteria in Soil under Water Stress
A. L. E. Mahmoud, A. A. Issa, M. H. Abd-Alla
Pages 275 - 278

10.Sulphur Content in Foliage of Roadside Native Plants and Soil along The Main Super Highway in The Outskirts of Karachi
M. Zafar Iqbal, Tariq Mahmood
Pages 279 - 281

11.Production of Exopolysaccharide by An Indigenous Soil Isolate
Salman Raihan, Nuzhat Ahmed, Rashda Ali, Nasir Khan, Asghar Ishaq
Pages 282 - 285

12.Anti-Thyroid Effect of White Cabbage Glucosinolates
Ali Haery, Suleiman Afsharypuor, M. A. Taher, G. A. Khodarahmi
Pages 286 - 289

13.Behçet's Disease and Arterial Aneurysms
Bülent Kısacıkoglu, Selim Tansal, Acar Tokcan, Hamdi R. Memisoglu, Erdal Çetinalp
Pages 290 - 293

14.Influence of Strong Static Magnetic Field on Bioelectrical Characteristics of Rat Hemidiaphragm Muscle
Mustafa İtegin, İsmail Günay
Pages 294 - 299

15.Estrogen and Progesterone Receptor Contents in Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Semra Paydas, Canan Ersöz, Berksoy Sahin, Gülfiliz Gönlüsün, Ertugrul Seyrek, Ayse Yılmaz
Pages 300 - 304

16.Estimates of General Combining Ability in Sunflower Inbred and Mutant Lines
Dheya P. Yousif, A. A. M. Al-Jibouri, Wajeeh M. Al-Rawi
Pages 305 - 308

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