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Volume : 30 Issue : 1 Year : 2023
Bilateral isolated traumatic patella fracture: A case report [Med J Islamic World Acad Sci]
Med J Islamic World Acad Sci. 2023; 30(1): 23-25 | DOI: 10.5505/ias.2023.09821  

Bilateral isolated traumatic patella fracture: A case report

Recep Öztürk
Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, Dr Abdurrahman Yurtaslan Ankara Oncology, Training and Research Hospital, Ankara, Turkiye

This study aimed to describe the isolated bilateral patella fracture and treatment management of a 27-year-old male patient brought to the emergency department of our hospital with pain and swelling in both knees after a motor vehicle accident. During the accident, the patient’s both knees hit the dashboard. Radiographs revealed comminuted displaced patella fractures in both knees. On the same day, open reduction and internal fixation were performed for both patella fractures in the same session. On the first postoperative day, the patient was made to walk with the support of crutches and under the control of angle-adjustable knee braces, with full weight given to both sides. The complete union was observed in the postoperative sixth week. The patient had a painless full range of motion of the knee joint in the postoperative 18th month and was satisfied with his life.

Keywords: Bilateral, patella, patella fracture, rehabilitation; zuggurtung

Recep Öztürk. Bilateral isolated traumatic patella fracture: A case report. Med J Islamic World Acad Sci. 2023; 30(1): 23-25

Corresponding Author: Recep Öztürk, Türkiye

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