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Volume : 27 Issue : 3 Year : 2019
Hypnosis in Psychotherapy and Psychosomatic Medicine [Med J Islamic World Acad Sci]
Med J Islamic World Acad Sci. 1998; 11(2): 65-71

Hypnosis in Psychotherapy and Psychosomatic Medicine

Mehmet Y. Ağargün
From Department of Psychiatry, Yüzüncü Yil University, School of Medicine, 65300 Van, Türkiye.

The aim of this brief synopsis is to review the relationship between hypnosis and dreaming and to present theoretical and clinical implications related to both phenomena. For this purpose, I considered hypnotic dreams and sleep dreams; hypnosis and posthypnotic suggestion as presleep conditions affecting, sleep mentation; REM, suggestibility, hypnosis, cognition, and consciousness; dream recall and hypnotizability; psychopathological perspectives; and lucid dreaming, out-of-body experiences, hypnosis. It may be suggested that there is a strong and plausible relationship between sleep states and hypnotic phenomena. The investigation of this relationship will help to understand the underlying mechanisms of these experiences.

Keywords: Sleep, dreaming, hypnosis, consciousness, cognition.

Mehmet Y. Ağargün. Hypnosis in Psychotherapy and Psychosomatic Medicine. Med J Islamic World Acad Sci. 1998; 11(2): 65-71

Corresponding Author: Mehmet Y. Ağargün, Türkiye

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