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Volume : 30 Issue : 1 Year : 2023
COVID-19: Patrimony of medieval-age physicians [Med J Islamic World Acad Sci]
Med J Islamic World Acad Sci. 2023; 30(1): 17-20 | DOI: 10.5505/ias.2023.86461  

COVID-19: Patrimony of medieval-age physicians

Shabistan Fatma Taiyabi1, Md Khursid Alam Ansari2, Mohd Azhar3
1Department of Mahiyatul Amraz, Government Tibbi College, Patna, Bihar, India
2Department of Mahiyatul Amraz, National Institute of Unani Medicine, Bangalore, India
3Department of Tahaffuzi Wa Samaji Tib, National Institute of Unani Medicine, Bangalore, India

In the present scenario, the entire world is facing a crisis due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus disease of 2019) pandemic. It has affected severely and changed the normal course of development of almost every country in the world. The available health infrastructure of even developed countries has become inadequate to manage and control the pandemic. The knowledge of the tools and techniques applied to control and prevent the pandemic worldwide has been obtained from past experiences; almost all the adopted recommendations are based on the teaching of Greek–Arab physicians. It is the need of time to explore the bequest of medieval-age physicians. In this study, the authors reviewed the recommendations of a few famous medieval-age physicians to compile their application at the time of COVID-19.

Keywords: COVID-19, pandemic, Persian medicine, Unani medicine

Shabistan Fatma Taiyabi, Md Khursid Alam Ansari, Mohd Azhar. COVID-19: Patrimony of medieval-age physicians. Med J Islamic World Acad Sci. 2023; 30(1): 17-20

Corresponding Author: Md Khursid Alam Ansari, India

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