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Volume : 30 Issue : 1 Year : 2023
Cancer of The Operated Stomach [Med J Islamic World Acad Sci]
Med J Islamic World Acad Sci. 1991; 4(1): 74-77

Cancer of The Operated Stomach

Fatma A. Tatar, Erol Kaymak, Ali G. Deneçli, Mustafa Özer, Güven Atasoy
From Izmir State Hospital, 3rd Surgical Clinic, Izmir, Türkiye.

Between 1970-1989 in Izmir State Hospital third Surgical Clinic, 19 out of 587 gastric cancers were found to be operated previously for benign ulcer disease. The cases were evaluated for prior history of gastric surgery, age, sex, interval between surgery and diagnosis, treatment, prognosis and compared with prior reports in the literature. It is mostly believed that previous gastric surgery is a risk factor for gastric cancer development. The etiopathogenesis is still questinable although duodenogastric reflux, an/hipoaciditiy are accused. Early diagnosis is important for the prognosis is generally poor. We recommend endoscopic examination starting in the fifth postoperative year.

Keywords: Gastric stump carcinoma, stomach cancer, gastric remnant carcinoma, gastric surgery.

Fatma A. Tatar, Erol Kaymak, Ali G. Deneçli, Mustafa Özer, Güven Atasoy. Cancer of The Operated Stomach. Med J Islamic World Acad Sci. 1991; 4(1): 74-77

Corresponding Author: Fatma A. Tatar, Türkiye

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