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Volume : 30 Issue : 1 Year : 2023
Med J Islamic World Acad Sci: 15 (3)
Volume: 15  Issue: 3 - 2005
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1.Merkel Cell Carcinoma, A Case Report and Literature Review
S. H. Lotfinejad, A. R. Afshar
Pages 91 - 94
Merkel cell carcinoma is a rare tumor that develops on or just beneath the skin and hair follicles. It occurs most often on the face, head and neck. Early detection and treatment are important because the disease can spread rapidly. Merkel cell carcinoma is difficult to cure once it spreads. Researchers believe that exposure to sunlight may increase risk of this disease. Herein, we report a 70 - year - old female with a painful, nodular skin lesion of right leg that enlarged rapidly. Total excision was done. Pathologic findings confirmed diagnosis of Merkel cell carcinoma.

2.Nutritional Status of Pre-Schooling Children of Different Socio-Economic Statuses as Influenced by Various Diseases
Muhamad S. Akhtar, Nighat Bhatti, Hina Ayesha, Sadaf Hameed
Pages 95 - 104
The study was carried out on 100 children (85 malnourished and 15 apparently healthy) of pre-schooling age (0-4 years). The malnourished children were randomly selected from those admitted to Pediatrics wards of Allied and National Hospitals at Faisalabad (Punjab). The test patients were divided into four age groups (up to 12, 13-23, 24-35 and 36-48 months), three socio-economic statuses, i.e. lower class (maximum earning of Rs. 5000 per month), middle class (Rs. 5000 - 15000 per month) and upper class (minimum earning of Rs. 15000 per month), sex and on the basis of area of living, i.e. industrial or non-industrial. Parameters of study included anthropometrics (BMI, mid-arm circumference and percent weight). The obtained results revealed that diarrhoea, fever and malnutrition were the major complaints. Mid-arm circumference, percent of weight and body mass index were low in malnourished children. They were also low among malnourished children of 3rd degree. In each socio-economic status, age and sex groups, serum iron and copper were higher in malnourished children and in females than in males. Malnutrition was more prevalent in children of up to 12 months of age, in males, in children of low socio-economic status and of non-industrial area. Several types of milk were more frequently offered to males and breast-feeding was more often offered by uneducated and under-matriculate mothers.

3.Pharmacological Investigation of Cassia Sophera, Linn. Var. Purpurea, Roxb.
Ahmad Bilal, Naeem A. Khan, A. Ghufran, I. Inamuddin
Pages 105 - 109
Ethanol extract of seed of Cassia sophera, Linn. var. purpurea, Roxb. was studied for some pharmacological activities in rats.
Eddy's hot plate and Analgesiometer tests were used to asses antinociceptive activity of Cassia sophera. Pentobarbitone narcosis potentiation test was used to evaluate hypnotic and sedative effect, while anticonvulsant activity was evaluated by Maximum electroshock-induced seizure test and Pentylenetetrazol induced seizure test.
Test drug (440 mg/kg) produced significant analgesia, potentiated the pentobarbitone induced sleeping time and exhibited anticonvulsant effect against hind limb tonic extension phase of maximum electroshockinduced seizure test and seizures induced by pentylenetetrazol.
The preliminary screening of seed extract of Cassia sophera, Linn. var. purpurea, Roxb. exhibited analgesic, anticonvulsant effects and potentiated pentobarbitone sleeping time. The ethanol extract of seed of Cassia sophera, Linn. var. purpurea, Roxb. deserve further investigation for elucidation of the mechanisms of action.

4.Antibiotic Susceptibility and R-Plasmid Mediated Drug Resistance in Staphylococcus Aureus
Mostafizur Rahman, Abdul Hye Khan, M. Shahjahan, Dipak K. Paul, Pervez Hassan
Pages 111 - 116
A total of twenty-eight Staphylococcus aureus strains were isolated from skin lesion samples. Results of antibiotic susceptibility test showed that these twenty-eight Staphylococcus aureus strains were resistant to ampicillin (72%), amoxycillin (72%), penicillin (72%), cotrimoxazole (15%), cloxacillin (50%) tetracycline (11%), cephradine (22%), cephalexine (7%) and nalidixic acid (18%). To understand whether this drug resistance phenomenon was plasmid mediated or not, plasmids were isolated from a chosen strain of Staphylococcus aureus (S2) and a 23 KB plasmid was obtained. This 23 KB plasmid was then transferred to an antibiotic sensitive E. coli LE 392 and after which the sensitive E. coli LE 392 strain developed drug resistance. Plasmid analysis of the transformed E. coli LE 392 revealed that it contains a 23 KB plasmid corresponding to that of the donor Staphylococcus aureus strain which may harbor the gene(s) encoding multidrug resistance in the donor Staphylococcus aureus.

5.Effect of Morphine Sulphate on Total Lipids and Triglycerides Contents in Serum and Brain Regions of Rat
Othman A. Al Sagair
Pages 117 - 125
The present work was undertaken to examine the effect of acute (35 mg/kg b.w.) and chronic (15-75 mg/kg b.w.) doses of morphine sulphate as well as withdrawal of the drug on total lipids and triglycerides levels in adult male albino rats (Ratus norvegicus) in an attempt to explore the changes occurring in serum levels and different brain regions.
The data of the present work revealed occurrence of highly significant increases in total lipids of serum and different brain regions after acute and chronic administration of morphine and during drug withdrawal.
The acute administration of morphine and during drug withdrawal led to significant increases in the triglycerides content of serum and in most the studied brain regions. On the other hand, after chronic administration of morphine, levels of triglycerides returned approximately to the normal values in serum, cortex, striatum and pons, while in cerebellum and thalamus- hypothalamus triglycerides level showed significant increases.
Finally, the data presented here illustrate that morphine is capable of having a marked effect on lipids of serum and of different brain regions in rats.

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