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Volume : 30 Issue : 1 Year : 2023
Med J Islamic World Acad Sci: 3 (2)
Volume: 3  Issue: 2 - 1990
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1.A Proposal of A New Version for The Periodic Table of The Elements
Ramdane Ouahes
Pages 91 - 97
In spite of its usefulness, the present version of the Periodic Table of the elements shows serious defects from a didactic point of view. A through analysis of the periodicity of the physical properties of the elements - and especially recent data concerning electron affinity - shows cleanly that the best element for ending each period should be an alkaline earth metal. Thus a new chart is built. It consists of eight periods, separates the four blocks and provides a satisfactory picture of the electron configurations.

2.Synthesis and Biological Activities of 6-Aryl-1,2,4 Triazolo (3,4-a) Phthalazines and 6-Aryl-Tetrazolo (5,1,-a) Phthalazines
Mohammed A. E. Shaban, Mamdouh A. M. Taha, Adel Z. Nasr
Pages 98 - 102
Reaction of 1-hydrazino-4-phenylphthalazine and 4-benzyl-1-hydrazinophthalazine with aromatic aldehydes gave the corresponding colored hydrazones. Catalytic dehydrogenative cyclization of these hydrazones afforded the 3,6-diaryl-1,2,4-triazolo (3,4-a) phthalazines. The latter compounds were also obtained from the reaction of 1-chloro-4-phenylphthalazine and 4-benzyl-1-chlorophthalazine with aromatic acid hydrazides. Oxalic and malonic acid dihydrazides reacted with two equivalents of the former imidoyl chloride to give bis-triazolophthalazine derivatives. Reaction of the two imidoyl chlorides with sodium azide gave the corresponding 6-aryl-tetrazolo (5, 1-a) phthalazines. Some of the prepared compounds were tested for their insecticidal and nematicidal activities and found to be inactive.

3.Logistic Regression Analyses in Dose Response Studies
Faqir Muhammad, Ajmal Khan, Sohail Ahmad
Pages 103 - 106
In dosage response studies the two most commonly used techniques are i) Probit analysis, ii) Logit analysis. Logit analysis is easy to carry out and most practical situations are closer to logit than probit analysis. In logit analysis the function to fit is (t)= ea + at / 1 + ea+at where it is the log dose and (t) is the proportion killed. The parameters and in the function can be estimated by using following methods: Least squares, Method of moments, Weighted least squares, Maximum likelihood both the point and interval estimates for these methods are discussed by taking three practical examples. LD50 is estimated and the intervals constructed. It has been shown that method of weighted least squares gives quite good results.

4.Solar Technology
Ali Anani, F. Abu Allan
Pages 107 - 108
This paper discusses recent developments made in various applications of solar energy. It is found that almost all these applications are emulative of marine and polar arganisms which have built-in system enabling them to utilize solar energy very efficiently. Careful study of marine life should therefore be of benefit in developing more efficient and simpler solar systems at shorter time lags.

5.On The Temperature Dependence of Sensitivity of Cr-39 Plastic Track Detector
S. M. Farid
Pages 109 - 112
CR-39 plastic track detector has been irradiated with different ions from the cyclotron at JINR, Dubna (USSR) in order to investigate the sensitivity of this detector. Etching in 6N NaOH Solution is carried out at temperatures of 40°, 50°, 60° and 70°C. The measurements are taken with an 'Olympus' microscope. The bulk etch rate, Vb and track etch rate, Vt are measured for different temperatures and hence the activation energies are determined. We also present Vt versus range, R and Vt as a function of energy-loss, dE/dx of the ions. It is observed that both Vt and V = Vt/Vb depend on dE/dx as well as on etch bath temperature. The results indicate the absence of a well-deined threshold in the detector. The sensitivity (V vs Z) of the detector can be adjusted by altering the etch bath temperature.

6.Constituents of The Essential Oil Ziziphora Taurica Subsp. Celonioides (Boiss) P.H. Davis Growing in Turkey
Ekrem Sezik, Gülendam Tümen
Pages 113 - 117
The analysis of the volatile components in the essential oil of ziziphora taurica subsp. cleonioides (Boiss) P. H. Davis (Lamiacea) by GLC, demonstrated the presence of at least 34 compounds; 28 of them were identified. The identified components represent about 82.26% of the oil. Major components found are pulegone (46.7%) and isomenthone (19.2%).

7.Effect of A Newly Synthesized Compound on Various Serum Lipid Parameters
Mohammad Arif, Z. S. Saify, Shahid Rashid, Mansoor Ahmad
Pages 118 - 123
A new compound, 2-methoxy phenacyl nicotinium bromide, was synthesized and its effect on serum total lipid, phospholipid and triglyceride were observed in experimentally induced hyperlipidemic rabbits. It was found that 2-methoxy phenacyl nicotinium bromide exhibit antilipemic activity.

8.Effect of Various Concentrations of 2,4-D and 2,4,5-T on Seed Germination, Dry Matter Yield and Transpiration Rate of Some Economic Plants
A. A. Shaddad, A. F. Radi, M. A. Zidan, A. M. Hamada
Pages 124 - 130
The role played by the two applied herbicidal auxins, namely; 2,4-D and 2,4,5-T, when supplied in various concentration on germination, radicle and plumule lengths, dry matter and transpiration of Zea mays, Helianthus annuus, and Vicia faba were studied. The two herbicidal auxins were significantly effective in producing inhibition of germination, radicle and plumule lengths, dry matter and transpiration of the tested plants when supplied in high concentrations (10-4 and 10-3 M). However, no inhibitory effect on the germination of the treated seeds was displayed in the presence of 10-7M. Moreover a significant stimulatory effect on radicle and plumule growth of sunflower and bean germinating seeds was displayed at 10-7 M of any of the two compounds used. At low concentrations the transpiration rate values either approached that of the control or increased it.

9.Bisexuality in Date Palm in Iraq
M. A. Kgazal, M. I. Salbi, I. S. Alsaadawi, F. A. Fattah, A. A. M. Al-Jibouri
Pages 131 - 133
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10.The Influence of Certain Nutritional and Environmental Factors on The Production of Amylase Enzyme by Streptomyces Aureofaciens 77
A. M. Shatta, A. F. El-hamahmy, F. H. Ahmed, M. M. K. Ibrahim, M. A. I. Arafa
Pages 134 - 138
The effect of certain nutritional and environmental factors on amylases production by the highly amylolytic Egyptian isolate Stroptomyces aureofaciens 77 was studied. The trial experiments to obtain the highest yield of amylase production resulted in modification of the recommended basal inorganic salts-starch medium. The highest yield of amylase production was obtained by increasing the soluble starch from 10g/L as a sole source of carbon up to 30 g/L and by adding corn steep liquor 20g/L as a sole source of nitrogen instead of the inorganic nitrogen source (NH4)2SO4, and growing of the used organism in the modified medium adjusted pH 7.0 under shaken culture condition for 7 days incubation at 28°C. Optimum inoculum size was found to be 4% spore supension from 6 days old culture of the S. aureofaciens 77.

11.Humoral Immune Response in Libyan Patients with Chronic and Acute Bacterial Infections
A. S. M. Giasuddin, M. A. Gad, M. M. Ziu
Pages 139 - 142
Serum immunoglobulin levels in 34 Libyan patients (age: 45 ± 14 years; sex: 25 males, 9 females) with chronic active pulmonary tuberculosis (CAP-TB) and 25 Libyan patients (age; 41 ± 12 years; sex: 17 males, 8 females) with acute urinary tract infection with Klebsiella species (AUTI-KS) together with 26 health Libyans (CS) (age: 40 ± 20 years; sex: 23 males, 11 females) were studied to evaluate and compare humoral immune response in chronic (CAP-TB) and acute (AUTI-KS) infections. It was observed that mean serum concentration of all the immunoglobulin classes (IgG, IgA, IgM, IgD, IgE) in CAP-TB were significantly higher than CS as well as AUTI-KS (P<0.05). Also, significantly high proportion of patients with CAP-TB had all the classes of immunoglobulin above the normal range. In case of patients with AUTI-KS significantly high proportion had only IgG and IgM levels above the normal range (P<0.05), whereas the distribution for IgA, IgD, and IgE were similar to those of CS (P>0.05). These findings are discussed in comparison with reports from other parts of the world and are taken as evidence to reflect the different nature and extent of humoral immune response in chronic (CAP-TB) and acute (AUTI-KS) infections. It is suggested that quantitative estimation of total serum immunoglobulin in all classes may help to make differential diagnosis of whether a bacterial infection is chronic or acute.

12.Comparative Effects of Estradiol, Progesterone and Testosterone on The Level of Rat Serum Ceruloplasmin
M. Ani, A. A. Moshtaghie
Pages 143 - 145
Ceruloplasmin, a serum alpha-2-globulin with oxidase activity, plays an important role in the metabolism of iron. Following the treatment of animals with the daily doses o 1.6 mg/kg estradiol, 6 mg/kg progesterone and 8 mg/kg testosterone for 15 days, serum ceruloplasmin concentration was elevated 57, and 22 percent respectively. Administration of estradiol for 30, 45 or 60 days led to an increase in the enzyme activity by 92, 77 and 63 percent respectively. Animals receiving either progesterone or testosterone for longer period up to 60 days did not show any significant changes in their serum ceruloplasmin levels. The effects of these steroid hormones on ceruloplasmin activity have been discussed.

13.The Relation between Blood Cholesterol Levels and EEG Changes
Aysel Agar, Piraye Yargıcoglu, Gülsen Öner
Pages 146 - 150
Thirty three male albino rats, weighing 180-200 g were included in this experiment. Control animals consisting of 11 rats, were fed with a normal lab diet for a period of 12 weeks and the rest of the animals were fed with a diet containing 1% cholesterol for the same period. At the end of the experimental period, plasma cholesterol level (mean ± SD) was 134.04 ± 21.11 mg/dl in the cholesterol group and 72.72 ± 10.5 mg/dl in the control group. After feeding cholesterol group, eleven of the rats from the cholesterol group were transferred to the normal diet for 4 weeks (Normocholesterolemic group). The computerized spectral analysis of EEG records from parietal lobes of normal, hypercholesterolemic and normocholesterolemic rats by using the TRFC (Transient response-frequency characteristics) method showed that there was an obvious depression in the brain waves of hypercholesterolemic and normocholesterolemic animals.

14.Studies on Bioconversion VI. Recycling Bagasse to Protein Rich Biomass
Naseem F. Usmani, Radi Khatib, S. Shahid Husain
Pages 151 - 154
Media prepared using Molasses treated with potassium ferrocyanide on inoculation with Aspergillus oryzae yielded 27.4 g biomass and 9.6 g protein / litre broth. Untreated molasses media produced scanty growth and yielded 8 g biomass with 2.7 g protein / litre broth. Fifty gram bagasse pretreated with alkali (Ca0) when added to treated molasses produced 42 g biomass with 15 g protein / litre broth, whereas bagasse pretreated with water yielded 40 g biomass with 11.2 g protein / litre broth on dry weight basis. Nutritive value of bagasse with an initial value of 4% crude protein, enhanced by 22.4% and 30% on treatment with water and alkali and subsequent fermentation using A. oryzae. Thus net gain of 18.4% (4.6 fold) and 26% (6.5 fold) of protein on initial protein in bagasse on dry weight basis has been obtained respectively. Pretreatment of bagasse with alkali before fungal inoculation is, therefore, suggested for upgrading biomass protein.

15.Plastic Track Detectors for High Gamma Dose Measurements
Hameed Ahmed Khan
Pages 155 - 158
This paper describes (a) the calibration of Makrofol-N, LR-115, CR-39, Marofol-E, Daicel, CA80-15, and CN-85 plastic track detectors in the dose range of 103-106 Gy, and (b) applications of these detectors for high gamma dose measurement. These calibrations are based upon the changes produced in (a) the general etching velocity 'Vg' and (b) the average width of the etch pits due to fission fragments after modification by the absorbed gamma dose. The present results show that CN-85 is the most sensitive plastic track detector for gamma dose determination in the above mentioned dose range. The detectors so calibrated have been applied for the estimation of gamma doses near a spent fuel element.

16.Shigella Sonnei Bacteremia (Report of A Case)
Gulsen Hascelik, Erdogan Berkman
Pages 159 - 160
Shigella bacteremia is a rare event. A case of Shigella sonnei bacteremia in a 15-yearold patient suffering from congestive heart failure is discussed.

17.Gastric Carcinoma during First Trimester of Pregnancy
Tülay Bakır, Yavuz Ozoran, Afet Ozoran
Pages 161 - 162
Gastric carcinoma is unusual during pregnancy. Aggressive nature of the disease and its unexpected presence lead to worse prognosis. We report a case of gastric carcinoma in a 27-year-old women at 6 weeks gestation. Diagnosis was correctly made by means of gastroscopy and biopsy taken this procedure. Radical treatment was refused and the patients died 3 months after the birth of a healthy baby.

18.Klippel-Fell Syndrome: A Case Report and Review of The Literature
Aysen Sivri, Cigdem Mentes, Zafer Hascelik, Rıdvan Özker
Pages 163 - 166
Klippel-Feil Syndrome is clinically well recognized and commonly associated with many congenital malformations. Skeletal anomalies represent a common feature of this syndrome. This case report describes a rarely seen Type I Klippel-Feil Syndrome with a cervical block vertebrae.

19.Tc-99m MDP Scanning in Fibrous Dysplasia
Erkan Ibis, Z. Ugur Isıklar, Guner Erbay
Pages 167 - 168
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20.Exchange Transfusion of Hardened Red Cells Increases Plasma Renin Activity
Edi Levi, Oguz Kerim Baskurt, Neslihan Dikmenoglu, Orhan Andac
Page 169
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