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Volume : 30 Issue : 1 Year : 2023
Med J Islamic World Acad Sci: 1 (1)
Volume: 1  Issue: 1 - 1988
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Mümtaz A. Kazı
Page 3
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2.Introduction to The First Issue of The Journal of The Islamic Academy of Sciences
Ali Kettani
Pages 4 - 5
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3.A New Forum for Research ad Progress
M. Naci Bor
Page 6
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4.The Concept of Scientific Knowledge in Islam
Mümtaz Ali Kazı
Pages 7 - 9
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5.Comparison of 111In and 99mTC Labelled Monoclonal Antibodies in Normal Mice: Biodistribution Studies and Electrophoretic Analyses of Plasma Samples
Meral T. Ercan, Heinz Kriegel
Pages 10 - 12
Anti-melanoma monoclonal antibody (Mab) kits were obtained from Sorin, Italy. They were labeled with 111In and 99mTc. The labeling efficiencies determined by thin-layer chromatography (ITLC) were 97% and 99% for 111In-Mab and 99mTc - Mab, respectively. Each radiopharmaceutical was I.V. injected to 6 NMRI mice. Those mice injected with 111 In-Mab were sacrificed at 24 h and 48 h. The other 6 injected with 99m Tc-Mab were sacrificed at 6 h and 24 h. Some blood and organs were taken out for weighing and radioactivity assay. The maximum percent uptake per whole organ was obtained in the liver (5.65-0.09 % at 24 h and 6.14-0.10 % at 48 h). The maximum % uptake per g organ was obtained in kidneys (21.70-0.40 at h and 16.18-1.64 at 48 h). When 99mTc-Mab was used the maximum % uptake per whole organ (11.67-0.32 at 6 h, 5.01-0.07 at 24 h) and per g tissue (73.55-3.36 at 6 h, 27.73-0.94 at 24 h) were obtained in kidneys. Electrophoretic analyses of plasma samples indicated that 111In was transferred from Mab to plasma proteins, which explained the observed higher blood radioactivity levels compared to 99mTc-Mab.

6.Effect of Inhalation of Low Dose Methyl Metacrylate Vapor on The CNS System of Rats
Saime Şahin, Müjgan Öktemer, Sevgi Küllü
Pages 13 - 16
In this research, histopathological examinations of central nervous system of the rats, exposed to low concentration (0.45 ppm) of methyl metacrylate monomer (MMA) vapor, were made.
60 male Swiss Albino rats (30 experimental, 30 control) were exposed to MMA vapour in air for period of 4, 8 and 12 weeks, 5 days per week and 1 hour per day. The concentration used was determined by measuring the air in a dental laboratory during the acrylate mixing phase.
As a result in four and eight week groups significant pathologic changes were leptomeningeal thickening, mononuclear cell infiltration, ependymitis and ventriculitis. Leptomeningeal thickening and mononuclear infiltration were observed in two-third of the 12 week groups but were less pronunced than that of in eight week groups.
In conclusion, MMA vapour was found to have a toxic effect on central nervous system. The results shown us the importance of the ventilation of the places in which MMA is worked with.

7.Hand Foot and Mouth Disease
Yıldız Batırbaygıl, Nil Altay
Pages 17 - 19
Hand, foot and mouth disease is an exanthemateous disorder usually seen in children and generally caused by Coxsackie virus A 16. This infection manifests it self with a typical clinical pattern. It usually affects children under 10 years of age. Incubation period is 3-6 days. The clinical symptoms manifest themselves with low grade fever, cough, malaise and a sore mouth and throat. Lesions usually disappear within 10-14 days. The exanthemas are first in maculopapular form and changes to vesicules. They are found in mouth, hand and foot. The treatment of this disease is symptomatic. It is very important to establish the right diagnosis to avoid epidemics.

8.Seismic Resistant Reinforced Concrete Structures-Design Principles
Uğur Ersoy
Pages 20 - 26
Earthquakes cause considerable economic losses. It is possible to minimize the economic loses by proper seismic design. In this paper basic principles for seismic design are summarized. There are three basic requirements to be satisfied; (a) strength, (b) ductility and (c) stiffness. In the paper these are briefly discussed.
In the second part of the paper the author summarizes his views on the damages observed in the past earthquakes. He concludes that most of the damages have been due to, (a) bad configuration, (b) inadequate detailing and (c) inadequate supervision. In the paper these are discussed, pointing out the common mistakes made and damages observed as a result of these mistakes.
In the last part of the paper some simple recommendations are made for producing seismic resistant reinforced concrete structures, emphasizing on detailing and proportioning.

9.111 - Change in Maillard Reaction and Lipid Oxidation in Stored Fish
A. A. El-Sawy, F. Osman, A. Kaousar, H. Hebash
Pages 27 - 30
Fish was stored at - 20°C for 135 days. Sample was taken for each 15 days. The flavour of stored fish was extracted and fractionation to its neutral-acidic and basic fractions was done. The neutralacidic fraction was further fractionated into carbonyl and noncarbonyl. The analysis of all fractions was carried out by G.L.C. Amino acids, fatty acids and lipid characteristics were done at each interval period. It was found that indol and kother nonvolatile nitrogenous constituents were indicators of incipient spoilge to some extent. Indol occurs in fish in increasing concentration as putterfaction proceeds. Enzymes enhance the carbonyl-amino reactions. Such reactions are known to result in the development of bitterness.

10.Effect of Benzene on Drug Metabolizing Enzyme Activities of Lung and Liver Microsomes
Emel Arınç, Mesude Iscan, Orhan Adalı, Tülin Güray
Pages 31 - 34
In vivo treatment of rabbits with benzene (880 mg/kg, s. c., 3 days) caused 7. I-fold increase in hydroxylation of p-nitrophenol to 4-nitrocatechol in liver microsomes. A 3.7 fold increase was also observed in liver aniline 4- hydroxylation activities. Benzene treatment did not cause any significant changes on drug metabolizing enzyme activities of lung microsomes. Although benzene treatment did not change cytochrome P-450 contents of lung and liver microsomes, it caused 1 nm spectral shift in the absorption maxima of CO difference spectrum of the dithionote reduced liver cytochrome P-450 forming cytochrome P-451.

11.Blood Viscosity in Behçet's Disease
Nimet U. Gündoğan, Semra K. Dündar
Pages 35 - 39
Behçet's disease is the second major cause of vena cava superior syndrome after the malignancies. It is also known that patients with elevated blood viscosity have a higher risk of developing vein thrombosis. Therefore, we decided that investigation of blood viscosities of Behçet's disease patients may provide useful information and shed light upon this situation. 24 Behçet patients (13 men, 11 women) mean age: 32.41 ± 11.57 at complete stage were included in our study. Whole blood viscosity was measured at eight different shear rates ranging from 230 sec-1. to 1.15 sec -1. At all these shear rates in whole blood viscosity a significant increase was noted (P<0.05). Plasma viscosity measured at three different shear rates were also higher in Behcet patients. The difference was found significant (P<0.05). The packed cell viscosity was found to be lower in Behcet patients. As compared to the controls a significant increase in yield stress was also detected in Behcet cases. Thus it is demonstrated that the haemoreological changes are closely associated with Behcet's disease.

12.Thyroid Functions in Behçet's Disease
I. Haldun Müderrisoglu, Bülent Sivri, Emin Kansu, Ferzan Telatar
Pages 40 - 42
This study was designed to examine the thyroid hormone levels and TSH secretion in active Behcet's Disease patients. Thirteen patients were included in the study. T3, T4 and TSH determinations were performed with Radioimmuneassay. T3 uptake and free thyroxine indices were calculated for nine patients. Tc99m-thyroid scintigraphies were performed and only one patient has shown presence of left lobe nodular goitre. None of the thirteen patients had clinical signs of thyroid disease. Our results show that thyroid gland functions are not impaired in Behçet's Disease and no additional studies are required at this point.

13.Effect of Aprotinin on Joint Stiffness
Sahap O. Atik, Atilla Zenciroglu, Süleyman Bilgili
Pages 43 - 45
Local aprotinin has been used during arthrotomy both expedimentally in the rats and clinically in the meniscectomy procedure.
Adhesion formation has been evaluated both histopathologically and clinically using the measurements of the Joints' range of motion.
In rats, adhesion rate was 66.66% in the control group, and 15.78 % in the aprotinin treated group P 0.05. Clinically, postoperative rehabilitation period was shorter in the aprotinin treated patients.
The results show that aprotinin significantly reduces the amount of adhesion formation but it does not effect collagen synthesis.

Nuri Akkaş
Pages 46 - 49
The definition of cytomechanics is given. The importance of mechanics in understanding various cell activities is stressed. The necessary essentials on cell structure and of cell division are discussed. It is pointed out that cytokinesis in animal cells may be viewed as biomechanical instability problem.

15.Ferrokinetic Studies in Patients with Geophagia, Growith Retardation Hypogonadism, Hepatosplenomegaly Iron Deficiency Anemia and Zinc Deficiency
Ayten Arcasoy, Münir Telatar, Ayhan O. Cavdar, Nejat Akar
Pages 50 - 53
Ferrokinetic investigations were performed in ten patients with prolonged Geophagia. Plasma Iron Clearance (T ½) was increased. Plasma Iron Transport Rate (PIT) was decreased in five. Red Cell Iron Utilization (RCU %) was decreased in six, while it was normal in three cases. Erythrocyte Iron Turnover Rate (EIT) was found to be decreased in five, normal in one and increased in three cases. Erythrocyte Survival Time (EST) was found to be shortened in all cases except one. The radioiron distribution obtained by surface counting over sacrum (marrow), spleen and liver was performed in three cases. The surface countings over spleen showed that red cell sequestration increased in two cases. Ferrokinetic data indicated that erythropoiesis was disturbed in children with geophagia.

16.Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura in Childhood. Review 269 Cases.
Şinasi Özsoylu
Pages 54 - 60
Our experience with idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) on 269 cases is reviewed and the general lines are resented in this communication.
Presence of antiplatelet antibody both in thrombocytopenic phase and remission was shown in all acute and chronic ITP patients. Abreviation of ITP was therefore proposed to signify immune thrombocytopenic purpura. Because of shorter platelet survival observed in 8 acute 6 chronic ITP cases in remission increased platelet production was considered. As an etiologic factor rubella infection was scrutinized in one epidemic. Low serum IgA levels were documented in one third of acute and chronic ITP cases.
High dose I.V. methyl prednisolane was proposed for the first time and its superiority demonstrated over conventional prednisone administration in ITP.
As a conclusion it appears that high dose of intravenous methyl prednisolon in presently the choise of treatment for ITP.

17.In Vitro Modulation of Lymphokine - Activated Killer (Lak) Cell Function by Aqueous Suspensions of Inert Particles
Wilmer L. Sibbitt Jr., Turgut İmir, Arthur D. Bankhurst
Pages 61 - 66
Aqueous suspensions of inert particles were shown to inhibit the natural killer (NK) cell and lymphokine - activated killer (LAK) activity of peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PMBC) and large granular lymphocytes (LGL). This inhibition was induced with both latex and silica particles. The inhibition of cytotoxic cell function was not related to effector cell death as determined by trypan blue exclusion, but appeared to be more specific for NK cell function (45.6 ± 4.5 % suppression of baseline NK cell activity) than LAK cell function (10.3 ± 3.4 % supperssion of baseline LAK cell activity) when the effector cells were preincubated with latex particles for 4 hours (p<0.05). Greater inhibition of LAK activity (35.6 ± 5.4% suppression) could be obtained if the efector cells were incubated with the particles during the 72 hr IL - 2 incubation period. In all tests, silica particles appeared to be more potent in suppressing cytotoxic activity than did particles of latex. Glass adherent monocytes which were incubated with purified LGLs did not accentuate particle-induced suppression, suggesting that monocytemediated suppression was not a major mechanism in the induction of these abnormalities. These studies indicate that exposure to small particles may directly suppress NK cell and LAK cell function and could contribute to an impaired ability of the host to resist tumor growth.

18.Evaluation of The Gastric Ulcer Patients in Blacksea Region of Turkey
Tülay Bakır, Sinan Kazancıoglu, Yavuz Özoran
Pages 67 - 69
One hundred and eighty seven patients with endoscopically diagnosed gastric ulcer were evaluated. Mean age of the patients was 50.5 years and the male female ratio was 2.5: 1. Duration of the symptoms was approximately 5 months. Smoking was (18%), use of aspirin and anti-inflammatory agents were 14%. Bleeding of ulcer was present in 19% of the patients. In 50% of the patients, the cause of hemorrage was due to use of aspirin or anti-inflammatory gents.
In 166 patient, the ulcers were situated in the antrum and in 19 patients, in the proximal. Nearly half of the antral ulcers were located in the prepyloric antrum (44%). The size of the ulcers was less than 1 cm in 137 patient (73%) and more than 1 cm in 50 patients (27%).
The multiple small sized ulcer (0.5 cm) was found in 39 patients (20%). These ulcers were often located in the prepyloric antrum and had occurred especially in patients with combined duodenal ulcer or the intake of aspirin. The association with duodenal ulcer was present in 18% of the patients. The majority of the combined ulcer was located in the prepyloric antrum and they were frequently less than 0.5 in size.

19.Healing of Gastric Ulcer with Ranitidine or High-Dose of Antacid
Tülay Bakır, Tahsin Minkar, M. Kerim Arslan, Ersan Aygün
Pages 70 - 71
The aim of the study was to compare the ulcer healing rates of ranitidine and high-dose antacid in patients with gastric ulcer. Ulcer healing rats controlled by endoscopy were 33 of the 40 the patients (83%) for rantidine and 28 of the 37 (75%) patients for antacid. There were no significant difference between two treatment groups.

20.Antimicrobial Study of Tephosia Nubica Flavones
Nagwa M. Ammar, Ahmed I. El-Diwany
Pages 72 - 73
Tephrosia press. species (Leguminosae) used medicinally and as fish poison, are known to be a source of flavonoids. The antimicrobial activity of the prenylated flavones, semiglabrin, pseudosemiglabrin, appollinine and lanceolatin A, which we have isolated from Tephrosia nubica herb, widly grown in Egypt, was studied. The results revealed that the four flavanoids exhibit an antifungal activity against Aspergillus niger, Penicillium funiculosum, Fusarium moniliforum and Phoma spp.

21.Soil Consistency and Swell Potential Using Static Cone Penetration Machines
Hamid A. E. İsmail, Khıdır M. Gasmelseed
Pages 74 - 78
The use of static cone penetration test (CTP) as a site investigation tool for classifying potentially expansive soil has been outlined. The objective is to find a field a field method for classification of expansive soils. Four swell potential zones were identified in a plot of qc (cone resistance) versus fs (skin) friction. These potential zones are: non-expansive, low to medium, high and very high swell potential zones.
Ranges of fs and Rf= (fs/qc)x 100), termed friction ratio) that define the bounderies between these zones were also given.
In addition, the cone resistance qc was related to the relative consistency, Cr of the penetrated soil. A good correlation is found to exist between these two parameters. Again, limits of cone resistance values were obtained to enable estimates of the consistency of the soil.

22.Expedience with A New Agent in A Case of Acquired Immunodeficency Syndrome (AIDS)
Münire Çam, Figen Pekün
Pages 79 - 80
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