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Volume : 27 Issue : 3 Year : 2019
Med J Islamic World Acad Sci: 10 (4)
Volume: 10  Issue: 4 - 1997
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1.Treatment of Pseudomonas Life Threatening Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media by New Conservative Therapy A Prospective Study 1993-1994
Furat T. El-Samerraie, Abdulwahab R. Mohammed, Mohammed A. Al-Mosawi, Sami E. A. Matloob
Pages 109 - 112
A new phenazinomycin-related antibiotic was isolated as a cultural product of Ps. aeruginosa. This antibiotic possesses antibacterial activity against certain gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria including enteric bacteria and Ps. aeruginosa. This minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) as determined by the both microdilution assay ranged between 25-65 G/mL.The product yield using a novel fermentation and purification technique was 100-605 G/mL, while by classical methods a yield of only 10-50 G/mL was obtained. The physico-chemical properties of the antibiotic such as melting point, ionization constant and spectrophotometric analysis were determined. Preliminary drug toxicological studies (LD50) were determined in mice but did not show toxic or important undesirable effects even at relatively high concentrations of 400 mG/kg using the intraperitoneal route of administration. Clinically the H1 antibiotic in the form of ear drops (500 G/mL) proved effective in the eradication of 82.6% (71/86) gentamicin-resistant. Ps. aeruginosa chronic middle ear infections with dramatic reduction in morbidity and negligible side effects.

2.Study of The Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Some Medicinal Edible Plants Growing in Egypt
N. M. Ammar, S. Y. Al-Okbi, D. A. Mohamed
Pages 113 - 122
Several edible plants are used in traditional medicine for the treatment of inflammatory conditions. The anti-inflammatory activity of some bioactive fractions isolated from the seeds of Trigonella foenum groecum, L., the roots of Glycyrrhiza glabra, L. and the fruits of Coriandrum sativum, L. were determined using the carragenan induced oedema method in comparison with two reference synthetic anti-inflammatory drugs. The petroleum ether and the aqueous methanolic extract of fenugreek and liquorice as well as the whole powdered fruit of coriander in a dose of 200 mg/kg exhibited a significant reduction in the volume of inflammation with variable degreeses. The same active dose from the three plants also inhibited prostaglandins E2 levels in a range of 55-64%. Chromatographic fractionation of the bioactive components revealed the isolation of unsaturated fatty acids and flavonoids in the three plants, while saponins were only present in fenugreek and liquorice. The anti-inflammatory activity may be attributed to the presence of the forementioned bioactive compounds.

3.A Socio-Scientific Theory of Continuous Machines
Masudul A. Choudhury
Pages 123 - 136
The paper considers a general theory of systems in a process-based framework whose epistemology is unity of knowledge. The process of reflecting the unity in the socio-scientific order is carried out through the medium of unification of knowledge. The methodology for such a process-centred world view is formulated and scientific evidence of its viability in the general systems framework is presented from secondary sources.

4.Professor Syed Ali Ashraf Obituary
Shaikh A. Mabud
Pages 137 - 138
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