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Volume : 26 Issue : 3 Year : 2018
Med J Islamic World Acad Sci: 5 (4)
Volume: 5  Issue: 4 - 1992
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1.A Simple Synthesis of Novel 3-Aryl-5 Hydroxy-5-(-Hydroxyimino--Phenylethyl)-4, 5-Dihydroisoxazoles, 3-Aryl-6-Benzylidene-4, 5-Dihydro-2H-1, 2-Oxazin-5-One Oximes and 5-Aryl-2-Benzylidene-1-Hydroxypyrrol-4-in-3 Ones from 3(2H)-Furanones
Mohamed G. Marei
Pages 231 - 236
The reaction of 5-aryl-2-benzylidene-3(2H)-furanones with excess hydroxylamine in refluxing ethanol led to the formation of the title compounds which were separated by chromatography. The above intermediate isoxazolines could be converted into the corresponding isoxazole derivatives either by refluxing with concentrated hydrochloric acid in ethanol or on prolonged heating in xylene. The structures of the all products were established from their IR, 1H nmr and mass spectral data. Pathways for their formation were suggested.

2.Study of The Rates of Reaction between ß-Monobromopropionate and Thiosulphate Ions in Isodielectric Media of Aqueous n-Propanol
Fahim Uddin, Zahida Khalid
Pages 237 - 240
The second order rate constants (k) for the reaction between ß-substituted bromopropionate and thiosulphate ions in isodielectric media of n-propanol-water mixtures have been determined from 283 to 333 K. Efforts have been made to calculate the radii of the activated complex for single sphere (r•), and double sphere (rAB) models from the linear plots of logarithm of rate constant at zero ionic strength (log ko) against reverse of the dielectric constant (I/ ). Formation of single sphere activated complex has been discussed. Activation parameters regarding the activated complex like activation energy (E), change in enthalpy ( H•), change in entropy ( S •), and change in free energy of activation ( G•) have also been evaluated.

3.Investigation of Proteases in Plant Seeds
M. Umar Dahot
Pages 241 - 244
Ten plant seeds were analyzed for protease activities. During the course of screening Cajanus cajan seeds were found more potent for acidic protease activity. The Cajanus cajan protease activity was optimum at pH 2.5 and 5.5 and at temperature 30°C. It is fairly stable up to 40°C. Cajanus cajan seeds protease activity is markedly increased in presence of Ca2+, cysteine and mercaptoethanol but strongly inhibited with EDTA, iodoacetic acid, o-phenanthroline, Hg2+ and PMSC.

4.Design, Synthesis and Pharmacological Evaluation of N-Methyl Piperidine Derivatives
Saira Hameed, Z. S. Saify, S. M. Baqar, Hadi Naqvi, M. Saeed, Abdullah Khan, Mansoor Ahmed
Pages 245 - 248
Piperidine is among the most important heterocyclic compounds which exhibits its therapeutic activity due to its conformationally flexible nature. Molecular modifications of meperidine and morphine like compounds led to the synthesis of analgesics having antagonistic properties with specific reference to Drug-Receptor Interaction. During the course of present investigations attempts were made to synthesize quaternary derivatives of N-methyl piperidine with various phenacylhalides and extensively explored for possible analgesic activity.
Spectrophotometric studies such as UV, IR, Mass (EI) and proton NMR were carried out to confirm the structures of newly synthesized derivatives in order to correlate the Structure Activity Relationship (SAR).

5.Indoor Radioactive Pollution due to Radon and Its Daughters
Hameed A. Khan, Hasee Bullah
Pages 249 - 255
Indoor radioactive pollutants such as radon and its daughters (Po-218 and Po-214) have been found to pose grave health hazards in the indoor environments. Radium-226, radon's immediate parent is present in significant concentrations in building materials, and recycled industrial waste products (such as cements). Radon, besides being emitted by different building materials, has been found to enter the houses through (a) the underlying soil or rocks and (b) through the water, drainage, and natural gas connections. The inhaled radon has been found to cause radiation damage to the lungs due to its alpha activity. Radon daughters, Po-218 and Po-214 are found to be even more dangerous than radon itself. They attach themselves to dust particles present in air, some of which enter the lungs. A fraction of the aerosols so produced are either retained by lungs or enter the blood stream. Radon and its daughters have been found to contribute at least 60% of the dose received by an individual from the natural radiation sources. The danger of indoor radon and its daughters is even higher in energy-saving houses and those having poor ventilation systems. The present paper gives a brief overview of the health hazards linked to these important indoor radio active pollutants. Some remedial and preventive actions have been described and recommendations for safer designs of new buildings and houses have also been suggested.

6.The Vegetation and Habitat Types of Baha Plateau (Saudi Arabia)
Z. A. R. El-Karemy, K. M. Zayed
Pages 256 - 264
The present study deals with the vegetation of Baha plateau (19°50'-20°18' N, 41°38'-42°10'E), with elevation ranging between 1700 and 2400 m. Ten plant communities are recorded: communities dominated by trees (Acacia negrii and Juniperus excelsa); communities dominated by shrubs and under shrubs (Acacia tortilis, Olea europaea, Dodonaea viscosa, Pulicaria crispa, Rumex limoniastrum and Astragalus atropilosus); communities dominated by grasses (Hyparrhenia hirta) and a community dominated by ephemerals (Achillea biebersteinii-Cardaria draba). 167 species of vascular plants are recorded. Relations between communities and their habitat types as well as the human impact in the area are briefly discussed.

7.Influence of The Insecticide Dimethoate on Some Metabolic Activities of Five Zoosporic Fungi
A. M. A. Khallil, S. A. Omar
Pages 265 - 269
Using sesame water culture and various doses of Dimethoate, no mycelial growth appeared in cultures at rate above 5 ppm. There was no appreciable effect of the low dose of the insecticide (2.5 ppm) when incorporated into water cultures on vegetative growth, asexual and sexual sporulation of all tested fungi compared with the control. Using liquid media, respiration, mycelial dry weight as well as protease, lipase, amylase and cellulose production were varied depending upon the doses and tested fungal species.

8.Myco-Algal Flora of The Aquatic Environment from Vicinity of Karachi
Phool B. Zahid, Fatima S. Mehdi
Pages 270 - 274
The purpose of this research is to explore the correlation of algae and fungi which effect the productivity of the aquatic environment. About 200 water samples were screened from 58 localities of Karachi region. The dominating species of algae mostly belong to the Chlorophyceae and Cyanophyceae. Among the fungi, species of Alternaria, Aspergillus, Aureobasidium, Botrytis, Caetomium, Cladosporium, Fusarium, Penicillium and Trichodesmium showed positive cellulolytic activity and were found to be responsible in the decomposition of algal cellulose.

9.Survival and Efficiency of N2-Fixing Cyanobacteria in Soil under Water Stress
A. L. E. Mahmoud, A. A. Issa, M. H. Abd-Alla
Pages 275 - 278
Survival of five genera of N2-fixing cyanobacteria were studied under salt and drought stress in clay and sand soil. These conditions considerably decreased the survival of the tested organisms. Nitrogenase activity was also decreased and this could be attributed to the reduced of heterocyst frequency under the experimental conditions. Apparently, Nostoc microscopicum and Rivulara natans appeared to be water stress-tolerant species and remained for long period. There is a scope for selection of cyanobacterial species more tolerant to harsh conditions to prepare commercial inoculants for Agronomic practice.

10.Sulphur Content in Foliage of Roadside Native Plants and Soil along The Main Super Highway in The Outskirts of Karachi
M. Zafar Iqbal, Tariq Mahmood
Pages 279 - 281
The levels of sulphur in the foliage of Calotropis precera, Prosopis juliflora and Senna holosericea and the soil samples collected near the super highway was mostly highest as compared do the other distances. With increase in the distance from the road, the levels of sulphur decreased. In few cases, there was little correlation between the concentrations of sulphur and the distance from the highway but the results were insignificant. Automobile activities has been considered as one of the cause of sulphur pollution along the roads.

11.Production of Exopolysaccharide by An Indigenous Soil Isolate
Salman Raihan, Nuzhat Ahmed, Rashda Ali, Nasir Khan, Asghar Ishaq
Pages 282 - 285
An indigenous soil isolate identified as Pseudomonas aeruginosa produces exopolysaccharide. The organism is multiple antibiotic and multiple metal resistant. It shows resistance to ampicillin, chloramphenicol, kanamycin, copper, zinc, lead and nickel. Polysaccharide consists of glucose and unidentified pentose and its production is increased by the addition of sodium chloride. The isolate accumulates nickel from the medium.

12.Anti-Thyroid Effect of White Cabbage Glucosinolates
Ali Haery, Suleiman Afsharypuor, M. A. Taher, G. A. Khodarahmi
Pages 286 - 289
The glucosinolates of crushed seeds of white cabbage were left for hydrolysis in contact with some distilled water, and the hydrolysis products were extracted, concentrated, and administered aurally to rats in doses representing 1, 2 and 4 gm seeds/100 gm body weight/day at intervals of 10, 20 and 30 days. The hydrolysate of 4 gm seeds/100 gm body weight/day fed for 30 days caused marked decreases in serum T3 and T4 concentrations analogous with those resulted from methimazole treatment.

13.Behçet's Disease and Arterial Aneurysms
Bülent Kısacıkoglu, Selim Tansal, Acar Tokcan, Hamdi R. Memisoglu, Erdal Çetinalp
Pages 290 - 293
Vascular lesions of the Behçet's Disease are known as Angio-Behçet Syndrome. Aneurysm formation is an important component of this syndrome. Seven such cases are presented and surgical intervention described. Two operated patients needed further intervention. We conclude that all patients with Behçet's Disease should be searched for arterial aneurysms and especially young patients with aneurysmatic formations should be investigated for Behçet's Disease and also patients with Behçet's Disease are not good candidates for surgery.

14.Influence of Strong Static Magnetic Field on Bioelectrical Characteristics of Rat Hemidiaphragm Muscle
Mustafa İtegin, İsmail Günay
Pages 294 - 299
The bioelectrical changes in the skeletal muscle and nerve-muscle junction of rats exposed to static magnetic field of 200 Gauss for a long periods were investigated in in-vitro conditions. All records were taken intracellularly, by microelectrode technique. It was demonstrated that chronic magnetic field exposure leads to depolarization in the skeletal muscle fiber membrane, and also causes the amplitudes of muscle action potentials and miniature end-plate potentials to decrease significantly. It was also determined that magnetic field leads to similar effects with ketamine, and that both potentiates the effects of each other.

15.Estrogen and Progesterone Receptor Contents in Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Semra Paydas, Canan Ersöz, Berksoy Sahin, Gülfiliz Gönlüsün, Ertugrul Seyrek, Ayse Yılmaz
Pages 300 - 304
Estrogen and progesterone receptor content (ER-PR) were studied by immunohistochemistry in 25 cases with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and 28 cases with chronic liver disease (CLD). 21 of 25 HCC samples were positive for ER and 8 of them had strong staining. 12 of 28 cases with CLD was positive for ER and all of them had weak staining. The result of anti-estrogen-tamoxifen therapy in one case was discussed. This study suggests that ER is found in high incidence in HCC and anti-estrogen therapy must be evaluated in larger study groups.

16.Estimates of General Combining Ability in Sunflower Inbred and Mutant Lines
Dheya P. Yousif, A. A. M. Al-Jibouri, Wajeeh M. Al-Rawi
Pages 305 - 308
Experiment of induction male sterility with GA3 in 32 inbred and mutant lines of sunflower and two experiments of evaluation at AL-Tuwaitha-Baghdad and AL-Latifya-Babylon, involving 20 top-crosses of the same lines were investigated. Evaluation specified with the general combining ability (GCA) of several characters with emphasis on seed yield.
Results showed that induction male sterility with GA3 gave a favorable results in the experimental breeding programs for this situation In general, GCA was highly exceeded for some top-crosses in the two locations, whereas, other top-crosses were significantly exceeded in one location. Some top-crosses did not exceed in their GCA in the two locations. However, three Inbred and mutant lines were exceeded in their GCA, and they must be introduced in further studies of evaluation to determine which one could used in hybrid seed production.


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