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Volume : 30 Issue : 1 Year : 2023
Med J Islamic World Acad Sci: 2 (2)
Volume: 2  Issue: 2 - 1989
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1.Alpha-1-Antitrypsin in Saudi Population
Arjumand Sultan Warsy
Pages 85 - 88
Alpha-I-antitrypsin (1AT) is the major protease inhibitor in the blood plasma and plays a protective role by inhibiting several endogenous proteases. It occurs in the form of several genetically determined variants that differ from the normal 1AT in their physical properties and protease inhibiting capacity. Some variants are completely devoid of all activity while others have very little protease inhibitory capacity and have been implicated as a predisposing factor to emphysema and liver diseases. We investigated the level of 1AT in plasma samples using a spectrophotometric method and expressed the results as Trypsin Inhibitory Units (TIU) and as Trypsin Inhibitory Capacity (TIC) of the serum. The 'reference range' for TIU was 262.7 ± 107.2 TIU/dl and for TIC was 0.881± 0.360 TIC/I. In the Saudi population partial 1AT deficiency was identified at a frequency of 0.0663 and the frequency of complete deficiency was 0.0102.
This paper presents the results of a pilot study on Saudis and shows that 1AT deficiency exists in the Saudi population.

2.Improvement in The Digestibility of Bagasse Pith by Chemical Treatment
Tahira Firdos, A. D. Khan, F. H. Shah
Pages 89 - 92
The dry matter digestibility of bagasse pith increased from 27.64 to 72.86 and 61.99 percent when it was treated with 3.5 per cent sodium hydroxide or 2.5 per cent calcium hydroxide respectively. The digestibility of the pith first treated with 8.5 per cent calcium hydroxide and subsequently with 5.8 per cent ammonia was 70.48 per cent. A three fold increase in non-protein nitrogen was also observed. Feeding trials on buffalo calves showed that digestibility of treated pith was equivalent to coarse grain. Average weight gain/head/day was 120 gm more than the calves maintained on standard ration. The cost of the ration was 46.4% less than standard feed.

3.Effects of Phytohormones on Carbohydrate and Nitrogen Metabolism of Some Drought Stressed Crop Plants
A. M. Ahmed, A. F. Radi, M. A. Shaddad, M. A. El-Tayeb
Pages 93 - 99
This work was conducted to study the effects of exogenously applied phytohormones (gibberellic acid, indole acetic acid and kinetin) on water-stressed maize, cowpea and broad bean plants. It was found that drought adversely-affected the synthesis and translocation of carbohydrates as well as the nitrogenous compounds which resulted particularly in an accumulation of the amino acid proline. Application of phytohormones resulted in a considerable increase in carbohydrates and total nitrogen contents. On the other hand proline accumulation was considerably retarded whatever the plant organ analyzed, the plant species tested and the level of stress or phytohormone used.

4.Changes in Metabolism of Scenedesmus Obliquus after Relief of Salinization Stress
A. M. Ahmed, A. A. Mohamed, M. M. Heikal, A. A. Shafea
Pages 100 - 105
This was an investigation into the changes in some metabolites of salinized algal cells, after being relieved from salinity stress. 7-day salinized. Scenedesmus obliquus cells showed considerable increases in proline, soluble proteins and soluble carbohydrates, but with concomitant decrease in other free amino acids, insoluble-and total proteins and insoluble-and total carbohydrates. Upon rehydration, free proline, soluble proteins and soluble carbohydrates declined rapidly with time reaching, 24 hours later, the level found in the control culture. The levels of other free amino acids, insoluble and total proteins, and insoluble-and total carbohydrates increased progessively from the time of rewatering. During the periods of salinization and rehydration, none of these metabolites was recorded in the extracellular medium.

5.Pinus Nigra Arnold. Foliage
Hasan Vurdu
Pages 106 - 108
Under the forest foliage utilization concept, the pH, petroleum ether, and alcohol-benzene extractive contents of Pinus nigra Arnold. Foliage and the annual foliage potential of Turkish forest with the creation of new jobs by foliage collection were examined. The pH of needles was 4.5 and that of foliage branches was 5.2. The alcohol-benzene soluble extractive content of foliage was greater than that of petroleum ether. By the hand collection of foliage would create 65.000 full-time new jobs and add 521 480 tons of muka into a food chain.

6.Cellulase Production from Actinomycetes Isolated from Iraqi Soils: I Characterization of A Cellulolytic Streptomyces Sp. Strain AT7
Amira M. Al-Tai, Basima A. Abdul-Nour, Shatha H. Abdul-Razzak
Pages 109 - 112
A cellulolytic actinomycete species was isolated from Iraqi soil, described as a Streptomyces sp. Strain AT7. This strain is characterized by forming nonfragmented vegetative hyphae, spores were found on aerial mycelium in short compact chains (10-20 conidia) and whole cell hydrolysate contained L-diaminopimelic acid and the amino acids: glycine, leucine, and alanine. The strain, grew well on a mineral medium containing carboxymethylcellulose (CMC), produces C, enzyme at different temperatures; 28°, 37° and 48°C and has an acido-alkalophilic growth ability.

7.The Value of New Tumor Marker CA 15-3 in Diagnosis and Monitoring of Patients with Breast Cancer
Ugur Berberoglu, Belgin Ceyhan, Nur Erçakmak, Veli Sezerdogdu
Pages 113 - 117
Serum levels of a tumor-associated antigen, designated CA 15-3, which is defined by two monoclonal antibodies, in 60 untreated breast cancer patients in various stages were determined by immunoradiometric assay. CA 15-3 levels were found to be higher than maximum level of normal control subjects (27 u/ml), in 38,4% of cases in clinical stage-11, 40% of cases in stage-III and 75% of cases in stage-IV. In order to evaluate the correlation between the clinical course and CA 15-3 levels, serial measurements were performed in 32 patients. CA 15-3 levels were lower than initial values in 75% of cases with clinical, radiological, laboratory regression, on the other hand in 87% of cases with progressive disease, CA 15-3 levels were found to be elevated. These observations indicate that CA 15-3 is a sensitive tumor marker for diagnosis and especially for monitoring of breast cancer patients.

8.Serum Immunoglobulin and Complement Profiles in Bronchial Asthma in Libyans
A. S. M. Giasuddin, M. M. Ziu, S. A. Basha, A. Abusedra
Pages 118 - 122
Serum immunoglobulin and complement profiles were studied in 48 patients with bronchial asthma (BA) and in 26 healthy Libyans as controls (CS). Of the 48 patients, 26 were extrinsic (BA-E) and 22 were intrinsic (BA-I) asthmatics. In CS, 96% had normal levels of immunoglobulin E (IgE) (•Mean ± + 2 SD: 134 iu/ml) and immunoglobulin D (IgD) •Mean ± 2SD: 2.7 mg/dl). Only 4% of CS had abnormal IgE (> 134 iu/ml) and IgD (>2.7 mg/dl levels. On the contrary, majority of patients had elevated levels of both IgE (> 134 iu/ml: 71% BA, 81% BA-E, 59% BA-I) and IgD (>2.7 mg/dl: 78% BA, 88% BA-E, 63% BA-I). However, some patients had normal levels of both IgE (•134 iu/ml: 29% BA, 19% BA-E, 41% BA-I) and IgD (•2.7 mg/dl: 22% BA, 12% BA-E, 37% BA-I) and yet they were asthmatics. The chi square (2) test revealed that these distributions of patients in relation to normal and abnormal levels of IgE and IgD were significant as compared to CS. The majority of asthmatic attacks may therefore be explained as due to IgE-mediated mechanisms and the rest possibly due to other mechanisms. The probable role for elevated serum IgD as antiidiotypic (anti-IgE) antibody was discussed in the light of knowledge currently available in this are of research.

9.A Study of The Hydrodynamical Characteristics of Loamy Soil
Syed Faizan Haider, Ghulam Nabi, M. Y. Hussain, Mahmood Khurshid
Pages 123 - 125
Knowledge of patterns of water movement within the soil profile is essential to the solution of problems involving irrigation, drainage and water conservation. Following are the findings of the research performed.
1. That the removal of excess water is essential to soil aeration.
2. That the flow of water through soil follows basic laws and principles.
3.That the modern techniques involving mathematical analysis and tensiometers make it possible to formulate the drainage theories that have practical applications.
4.That the design of drainage system is primarily dependant upon hydraulic conductivity, the most important parameter of this research.

10.Zinc and Sudeck's Atrophy
O. Sahap Atik, Ilhami Telli
Pages 126 - 127
Zinc ion levels in bone tissue of patients with Sudeck's atrophy were determined by use of Perkin Elmor Model 103 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer and Parker's method. Zinc in bone tissue was 76.6 ± 6.2 g/g in the patients with Sudeck's atrophy and 92.5 ± 3.8g/g in the control group. The difference between groups was found to be significant (p<0.05). On the basis of experimental and clinical evidences, we suggest that zinc depletion leads to the increase of the endogenous heparin and prostaglandins, which are probably cofactors of parathormone, and may have a role in the pathogenesis of regional osteoporosis in Sudeck's atrophy.

11.An In Vitro Investigation of Microleakage of Bonding Agent Treated C1-I Amalgam Fillings
Sen Colak
Pages 128 - 130
Marginal leakage was investigated in vitro on C1-I amalgam fillings, placed alone and placed with two different bonding agents (Adaptabond, Heliobond). Teeth were immersed in 2% basic fuchsin dye solution, after thermal cycling. Dye penetration degree was evaluated according to the index suggested by Going. Results was significantly better in experimental groups than control group. Bonding agents were found effective in reducing micro leakage around the margins of amalgam restorations.

12.Juvenile Periodontitis (A Case Report)
Halil Kayalýbay, David Johnson Gnanesekhar
Pages 131 - 134
In this article, juvenile periodontitis, which is an uncommon condition, characterized by severe loss of attachment and destruction of alveolar bone around one or more permanent teeth during the period of pubescence, was discussed with a case report. Juvenile periodontitis have localized and generalized forms. It is currently believed that a combination of bacteriologic, immunologic and hereditary factors are of major importance in the etiology of this disease. Our case was a 10 - year old female and her clinical and radiographic findings were typical for generalized juvenile periodontitis. Treatment consisted of thorough training in techniques of plaque control, scaling and root planing and administration of tetracycline 250 mg every six hours for three weeks, as well as combined surgery and antibiotic therapy. But both failed to cure or control the disease mostly because of the non-cooperation with the oral hygiene instructions.

13.Synthesis of Some New Heterocyclic Compounds with Expected Potential Biological Activity
O. M. O. Habib, E. B. Moawad, S. S. El-Morsy
Pages 135 - 138
Benzenesulphonate of p-hydroxybenzaldehyde reacts with hippuric acid in the presence of acetic anhydride and sodium acetate to give 4-(benzylidene-4’-benzenesulphonate)-2- phenyl -2- oxazolin-5- one II. Reaction of II with chloroaniline or o-phenylenediamine in ethyl alcohol afforded the corresponding arylcarboxamides of -arylcarb-oxamido-cinnamic acids III a, b. When the reaction was carried out in acetic acid containing sodium acetate the products were the imidazolone IV and benzimidazole V derivatives. Under the same conditions II reacts with p-phenylenediamine to give the bis-imidazolone VI derivative. Also II undergoes addition reactions with piperidine and thiophenol to yield the addition products VII a, b. Michael reaction of ethyl cyanoacetate with II affords compound VIII.

14.Dependence of Sensitivity of Different Plastic Track Detectors on Etching Temperature
S. M. Farid
Pages 139 - 146
Exposures of Cellulose nitrate (Russian) CN (R) and Makrofol-E polycarbonate plastic track detectors to different ions have been obtained from the cyclotron at JINR, Dubna (USSR). In this study 12C, 16O, 20Ne, 40Ar, 50Ti-ions different energies are used as energetic heavy ions for track formation in the detectors. The chemical etching is carried out in stirred (6.00 ± 0.05) N NaOH solution. The dependence of bulk etch rate, Vb and track etch rate, Vt on etching temperature, T is exponential and can be expressed by Arrhenius correlation. The dependence of activation energy for track etching, Et on mass A of the bombarding ion is studied. The experimental results show that for CN(R) both Vt and reduced etch rate, V=Vt / Vb along the trajectory of the particle depend on etching temperature. For Makrofol-E, Vt depends on etching temperature but V is independent of etching temperature. It is observed that the tracks of heavy ions etch faster. Using theoretical equations and with the help of computer the energy-loss, dE/dx US Vt curves are drawn for different etching temperatures. The dependence of "Sensitivity" [(V-I) VS Z] of the detectors on etching temperature is also shown. It is evident from these figures that the sensitivity of CN(R) depends strongly on etching temperature while that of Makrofol E is independent of etching temperature.

15.Characterýstics of Some Heavy Minerals from Egyptian Black Sands
Essam El-Hinnawi, Eglal Niazi, Yausriya Samy
Pages 147 - 152
The mineralogical characteristics and composition of zircon, amphiboles and pyroxenes which are common heavy minerals in Egyptian black sands have been determined. The minerals can be used for genetic and provenance studies. They indicate that the black sands were derived from the Nile sediments which were derived from the igneous and metamorphic complex along the upper reaches of the Nile.

16.Efficacy of Different Antibiotics in The Treatment of Endometritis in Pakistani Buffaloes
A. Khan, M. Z. Khan
Page 153
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17.Penicillium Notatum in Vaginal and Cervical Smears
Sayeste Demirezen, Nuran Yulug
Page 154
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