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Volume : 30 Issue : 1 Year : 2023
Med J Islamic World Acad Sci: 2 (2)
Volume: 2  Issue: 2 - 1989
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1.Alpha-1-Antitrypsin in Saudi Population
Arjumand Sultan Warsy
Pages 85 - 88

2.Improvement in The Digestibility of Bagasse Pith by Chemical Treatment
Tahira Firdos, A. D. Khan, F. H. Shah
Pages 89 - 92

3.Effects of Phytohormones on Carbohydrate and Nitrogen Metabolism of Some Drought Stressed Crop Plants
A. M. Ahmed, A. F. Radi, M. A. Shaddad, M. A. El-Tayeb
Pages 93 - 99

4.Changes in Metabolism of Scenedesmus Obliquus after Relief of Salinization Stress
A. M. Ahmed, A. A. Mohamed, M. M. Heikal, A. A. Shafea
Pages 100 - 105

5.Pinus Nigra Arnold. Foliage
Hasan Vurdu
Pages 106 - 108

6.Cellulase Production from Actinomycetes Isolated from Iraqi Soils: I Characterization of A Cellulolytic Streptomyces Sp. Strain AT7
Amira M. Al-Tai, Basima A. Abdul-Nour, Shatha H. Abdul-Razzak
Pages 109 - 112

7.The Value of New Tumor Marker CA 15-3 in Diagnosis and Monitoring of Patients with Breast Cancer
Ugur Berberoglu, Belgin Ceyhan, Nur Erçakmak, Veli Sezerdogdu
Pages 113 - 117

8.Serum Immunoglobulin and Complement Profiles in Bronchial Asthma in Libyans
A. S. M. Giasuddin, M. M. Ziu, S. A. Basha, A. Abusedra
Pages 118 - 122

9.A Study of The Hydrodynamical Characteristics of Loamy Soil
Syed Faizan Haider, Ghulam Nabi, M. Y. Hussain, Mahmood Khurshid
Pages 123 - 125

10.Zinc and Sudeck's Atrophy
O. Sahap Atik, Ilhami Telli
Pages 126 - 127

11.An In Vitro Investigation of Microleakage of Bonding Agent Treated C1-I Amalgam Fillings
Sen Colak
Pages 128 - 130

12.Juvenile Periodontitis (A Case Report)
Halil Kayalıbay, David Johnson Gnanesekhar
Pages 131 - 134

13.Synthesis of Some New Heterocyclic Compounds with Expected Potential Biological Activity
O. M. O. Habib, E. B. Moawad, S. S. El-Morsy
Pages 135 - 138

14.Dependence of Sensitivity of Different Plastic Track Detectors on Etching Temperature
S. M. Farid
Pages 139 - 146

15.Characterıstics of Some Heavy Minerals from Egyptian Black Sands
Essam El-Hinnawi, Eglal Niazi, Yausriya Samy
Pages 147 - 152

16.Efficacy of Different Antibiotics in The Treatment of Endometritis in Pakistani Buffaloes
A. Khan, M. Z. Khan
Page 153
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17.Penicillium Notatum in Vaginal and Cervical Smears
Sayeste Demirezen, Nuran Yulug
Page 154
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