ISSN 2415-1297 (Online)   ISSN 2415-1300 (Print)
Volume : 30 Issue : 1 Year : 2023
Med J Islamic World Acad Sci: 2 (3)
Volume: 2  Issue: 3 - 1989
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1.A New Technique (Holotransformation) for Evaluation of A Forced Convection Equation from Experimental Data
Edip Büyükkoca
Pages 155 - 159

2.Population Structure of Mytilus Edulis L. From Lindaspollene, Western Norway
Sohail Barkati
Pages 160 - 164

3.Compisition of Fatty Acids of Gastropod Xancus Pyrum
K. Usmanghani, Shahida Siddiqui, Mansoor Ahmad, M. Afzal Kazmi
Pages 165 - 167

4.Detection of Benomyl Resistance in The Anthracnose Pathogen, Colletotrichum Capsici
M. Sariah
Pages 168 - 171

5.Studies on Some Indigenous Materials for Their Puzzolanic Properties
Shagufta Nasreen, Mohammad Zubair, F. A. Siddiqi, M. A. Qaiser, Ainul Hasan Khan
Pages 172 - 176

6.Comparison of Ranitidine and High-Dose Antacid in The Healing of Duodenal Ulcer
Tulay Bakır
Pages 177 - 178

7.Karyotype Analysis of Hexaploid Wheat, Triticum Aestivum L. Cv. 'Sarsabz'
Qamar Jahan, Ahsan A. Vahidy
Pages 179 - 181

8.Yeasts and Yeast Like Fungi as Causative Agents in Diarrhea
Süleyman Felek, Zülal Ascı, S. Sırrı Kılıç, Mustafa Yılmaz, Ibrahim Kökçam
Pages 182 - 184

9.Cellulase Production from Actinomycetes Isolated from Iraqi Soils: II. Cell Growth and Cellulase Activity of Streptomyces Sp. Strain AT7 At Different Temperatures
Amira M. Al-Tai, Shatha Abdul-Razzak, Siham S. Al-Attiyah, Basima A. Abdul-Nour
Pages 185 - 188

10.Clinical Significance of Anticardiolipin Antibodies in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
Sibel Ergüven, Meral Calgüner, A. Metin Gülmezoğlu, Ekrem Gülmezoğlu, Cem Sungur, Osman Özcebe
Pages 189 - 192

11.Ultrastructure of The Liver in Wilson’s Disease
Alparslan Özyazıcı
Pages 193 - 196

12.Reduced Blood Glutathion Levels in Patients with Chronic Urticaria
Mine Erden, Naci M. Bor, Sezer Yarımağan
Pages 197 - 200

13.Campylobacter Enteritis among Turkish Children
Gulsen Hascelik, Yakut Akyon, Serdar Diker, Erdogan Berkman
Pages 201 - 203

14.Cardiac Diseases Quantification of by Temporal and Cepstral Analysis of Plethysmographic Signal
R. Ben Salah, A. Marrakchi, N. Ellouze
Pages 204 - 211

15.The Role of Endogenous Opioids in The Thermoregulatory Capacity of Aged Rats
Dicle Balkancı, Selma Yorukan
Pages 212 - 215

16.Effects of Prostaglandin Inhibitation, Electrical Stimulation and Local Heating on Skeletal Muscle Atrophy
Lamia Yanıcoglu, Aydan Balbul, Bilge Gonul, Deniz Erbas
Pages 216 - 221

17.The Effect of Vitamin A on Complement Levels During Open Heart Surgery
Fatma Ferkan Demircioglu, A. Yuksel Bozer
Pages 222 - 225

18.Trace Metals in Treatment of Psoriasis
Naci M. Bor, Ayvaz Karabıyıkoglu, Hasan Dereagzı
Pages 226 - 229

19.TC-99m MDP Accumulation in A Liver Hemangioma
Erkan Ibis, Guner Erbay, Gülseren Aras
Pages 230 - 231
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20.Measuring The Natural Killer Cell Activity on Candida Species
Turgut Imir
Page 232
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21.Effects of Oxides of Sulphur and Oxides of Nitrogen on Plants
M. Zafer Iqbal
Pages 233 - 234
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22.Biomechanics of Trauma
Ali Erkan Engin
Pages 235 - 236
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