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Volume : 30 Issue : 1 Year : 2023
Med J Islamic World Acad Sci: 3 (2)
Volume: 3  Issue: 2 - 1990
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1.A Proposal of A New Version for The Periodic Table of The Elements
Ramdane Ouahes
Pages 91 - 97

2.Synthesis and Biological Activities of 6-Aryl-1,2,4 Triazolo (3,4-a) Phthalazines and 6-Aryl-Tetrazolo (5,1,-a) Phthalazines
Mohammed A. E. Shaban, Mamdouh A. M. Taha, Adel Z. Nasr
Pages 98 - 102

3.Logistic Regression Analyses in Dose Response Studies
Faqir Muhammad, Ajmal Khan, Sohail Ahmad
Pages 103 - 106

4.Solar Technology
Ali Anani, F. Abu Allan
Pages 107 - 108

5.On The Temperature Dependence of Sensitivity of Cr-39 Plastic Track Detector
S. M. Farid
Pages 109 - 112

6.Constituents of The Essential Oil Ziziphora Taurica Subsp. Celonioides (Boiss) P.H. Davis Growing in Turkey
Ekrem Sezik, Gülendam Tümen
Pages 113 - 117

7.Effect of A Newly Synthesized Compound on Various Serum Lipid Parameters
Mohammad Arif, Z. S. Saify, Shahid Rashid, Mansoor Ahmad
Pages 118 - 123

8.Effect of Various Concentrations of 2,4-D and 2,4,5-T on Seed Germination, Dry Matter Yield and Transpiration Rate of Some Economic Plants
A. A. Shaddad, A. F. Radi, M. A. Zidan, A. M. Hamada
Pages 124 - 130

9.Bisexuality in Date Palm in Iraq
M. A. Kgazal, M. I. Salbi, I. S. Alsaadawi, F. A. Fattah, A. A. M. Al-Jibouri
Pages 131 - 133
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10.The Influence of Certain Nutritional and Environmental Factors on The Production of Amylase Enzyme by Streptomyces Aureofaciens 77
A. M. Shatta, A. F. El-hamahmy, F. H. Ahmed, M. M. K. Ibrahim, M. A. I. Arafa
Pages 134 - 138

11.Humoral Immune Response in Libyan Patients with Chronic and Acute Bacterial Infections
A. S. M. Giasuddin, M. A. Gad, M. M. Ziu
Pages 139 - 142

12.Comparative Effects of Estradiol, Progesterone and Testosterone on The Level of Rat Serum Ceruloplasmin
M. Ani, A. A. Moshtaghie
Pages 143 - 145

13.The Relation between Blood Cholesterol Levels and EEG Changes
Aysel Agar, Piraye Yargıcoglu, Gülsen Öner
Pages 146 - 150

14.Studies on Bioconversion VI. Recycling Bagasse to Protein Rich Biomass
Naseem F. Usmani, Radi Khatib, S. Shahid Husain
Pages 151 - 154

15.Plastic Track Detectors for High Gamma Dose Measurements
Hameed Ahmed Khan
Pages 155 - 158

16.Shigella Sonnei Bacteremia (Report of A Case)
Gulsen Hascelik, Erdogan Berkman
Pages 159 - 160

17.Gastric Carcinoma during First Trimester of Pregnancy
Tülay Bakır, Yavuz Ozoran, Afet Ozoran
Pages 161 - 162

18.Klippel-Fell Syndrome: A Case Report and Review of The Literature
Aysen Sivri, Cigdem Mentes, Zafer Hascelik, Rıdvan Özker
Pages 163 - 166

19.Tc-99m MDP Scanning in Fibrous Dysplasia
Erkan Ibis, Z. Ugur Isıklar, Guner Erbay
Pages 167 - 168
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20.Exchange Transfusion of Hardened Red Cells Increases Plasma Renin Activity
Edi Levi, Oguz Kerim Baskurt, Neslihan Dikmenoglu, Orhan Andac
Page 169
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