ISSN 2415-1297 (Online)   ISSN 2415-1300 (Print)
Volume : 30 Issue : 1 Year : 2023
Med J Islamic World Acad Sci: 5 (1)
Volume: 5  Issue: 1 - 1992
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1.Criteria for The Management of Radioactive Tea A Unique Experience of Radioactive Pollution
Ahmed Y. Özemre
Pages 1 - 3

2.Measurement of Concentrations of Radon and Its Daughters in Wellings Using CR-39 Nuclear Tract Detector
S. M. Farid
Pages 4 - 7

3.Track Recording Properties of Cellulose Nitrate (R) Plastic Track Detector for Accelerated Heavy Ions
S. M. Farid
Pages 8 - 13

4.Absorption of Energy by Frusta
A. A. Alghamdi, A. K. El-Kalay, T. M. Abu-Mansour, M. Akyurt
Pages 14 - 20

5.Morphological and Anatomical Studies of Leaves of Different Plants Affected by Motor Vehicles Exhaust
S. Jahan, M. Zafar Iqbal
Pages 21 - 23

6.Mangrove Fungi of Karachi, Pakistan
Fatıma S. Mehdi, S. M. Saifullah
Pages 24 - 27

7.The Effect of pH and Temperature on Motility of Listeria Species
Syed M. Khalid, Shakeel A. Khan, Roquya Siddiqui
Pages 28 - 31

8.Productİon of B-Vitamins by Planktonic Bacteria Isolated from The Mesotrophic Lake Jasne
Wojciech Donderski, Barbara Nowacka
Pages 32 - 38

9.Single Cell Protein Production by Penicillium Javanicum from Pretreated Rice Husk
M. Yakoub Khan, M. Umar Dahot, M. Yousuf Khan
Pages 39 - 43

10.Aging Effect of Wheat and Barley Seeds Upon Germination Mitotic Index and Chromosomal Damage
F. N. Akhter, G. Kabir, M. A. Mannan, N. N. Shaheen
Pages 44 - 48

11.The Mechanism of Manganese Induced Learning Disability
Gülsen Öner, Ümıt K. Şentürk
Pages 49 - 52

12.Evaluation of Urinary Diluting and Concentrating Abilities in Healthy Pregnant Women by Osmolar and Free Water Clearances
Gülay Logoglu, Fatma T. Özgünen, Ayse Dogan
Pages 53 - 55

13.Plasma Renin Activity Levels in Normal and Preeclamptic Pregnancies
Gülay Logoglu, Seref Erdogan, Fatma T. Özgünen, Tuncay Özgünen, Oktay Kadayıfçı
Pages 56 - 60

14.Biological Studies of Indigenous Medicinal Plants-II: Effects of Aplotaxis Iappa Dcne on various parameters of liver metabolism in rabbits
Mobasher Ahmad, M. Asif Saeed, Mahbub Alam, Zahid Asghar
Pages 61 - 66

15.Cardiovascular Evaluation of Ruellia Patula and Ruellia Brittoniana
M. Farid Akhtar, Shahid Rashid, Mansoor Ahmad, K. Usmanghani
Pages 67 - 71

16.Hypophysis-Adrenal System and Immunologic Status of Patients with Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura
Azer A. Kerimov, A. S. Badirhanova, L. G. Kalinichenco
Pages 72 - 75

17.The Mechanism of Cyclosporin-A Induced Anti-Inflammation
Nimet İzgüt, Gülsen Öner
Page 76
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