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Volume : 30 Issue : 1 Year : 2023
Med J Islamic World Acad Sci: 1 (1)
Volume: 1  Issue: 1 - 1988
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Mümtaz A. Kazı
Page 3
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2.Introduction to The First Issue of The Journal of The Islamic Academy of Sciences
Ali Kettani
Pages 4 - 5
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3.A New Forum for Research ad Progress
M. Naci Bor
Page 6
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4.The Concept of Scientific Knowledge in Islam
Mümtaz Ali Kazı
Pages 7 - 9
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5.Comparison of 111In and 99mTC Labelled Monoclonal Antibodies in Normal Mice: Biodistribution Studies and Electrophoretic Analyses of Plasma Samples
Meral T. Ercan, Heinz Kriegel
Pages 10 - 12

6.Effect of Inhalation of Low Dose Methyl Metacrylate Vapor on The CNS System of Rats
Saime Şahin, Müjgan Öktemer, Sevgi Küllü
Pages 13 - 16

7.Hand Foot and Mouth Disease
Yıldız Batırbaygıl, Nil Altay
Pages 17 - 19

8.Seismic Resistant Reinforced Concrete Structures-Design Principles
Uğur Ersoy
Pages 20 - 26

9.111 - Change in Maillard Reaction and Lipid Oxidation in Stored Fish
A. A. El-Sawy, F. Osman, A. Kaousar, H. Hebash
Pages 27 - 30

10.Effect of Benzene on Drug Metabolizing Enzyme Activities of Lung and Liver Microsomes
Emel Arınç, Mesude Iscan, Orhan Adalı, Tülin Güray
Pages 31 - 34

11.Blood Viscosity in Behçet's Disease
Nimet U. Gündoğan, Semra K. Dündar
Pages 35 - 39

12.Thyroid Functions in Behçet's Disease
I. Haldun Müderrisoglu, Bülent Sivri, Emin Kansu, Ferzan Telatar
Pages 40 - 42

13.Effect of Aprotinin on Joint Stiffness
Sahap O. Atik, Atilla Zenciroglu, Süleyman Bilgili
Pages 43 - 45

Nuri Akkaş
Pages 46 - 49

15.Ferrokinetic Studies in Patients with Geophagia, Growith Retardation Hypogonadism, Hepatosplenomegaly Iron Deficiency Anemia and Zinc Deficiency
Ayten Arcasoy, Münir Telatar, Ayhan O. Cavdar, Nejat Akar
Pages 50 - 53

16.Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura in Childhood. Review 269 Cases.
Şinasi Özsoylu
Pages 54 - 60

17.In Vitro Modulation of Lymphokine - Activated Killer (Lak) Cell Function by Aqueous Suspensions of Inert Particles
Wilmer L. Sibbitt Jr., Turgut İmir, Arthur D. Bankhurst
Pages 61 - 66

18.Evaluation of The Gastric Ulcer Patients in Blacksea Region of Turkey
Tülay Bakır, Sinan Kazancıoglu, Yavuz Özoran
Pages 67 - 69

19.Healing of Gastric Ulcer with Ranitidine or High-Dose of Antacid
Tülay Bakır, Tahsin Minkar, M. Kerim Arslan, Ersan Aygün
Pages 70 - 71

20.Antimicrobial Study of Tephosia Nubica Flavones
Nagwa M. Ammar, Ahmed I. El-Diwany
Pages 72 - 73

21.Soil Consistency and Swell Potential Using Static Cone Penetration Machines
Hamid A. E. İsmail, Khıdır M. Gasmelseed
Pages 74 - 78

22.Expedience with A New Agent in A Case of Acquired Immunodeficency Syndrome (AIDS)
Münire Çam, Figen Pekün
Pages 79 - 80
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