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Volume : 30 Issue : 1 Year : 2023
Med J Islamic World Acad Sci: 4 (2)
Volume: 4  Issue: 2 - 1991
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1.Reaction of Dibenzylamines with - Acceptors
Alaa A. Hassan
Pages 97 - 98

2.Studies on The Addition of Reactive Compounds to The Dye-Bath of Nonreactive Dyes Part III(1,2) Factors Affecting Formation of Reactive Dyes from Dispersed-Like Dyes
M. Kamel, M. M. Kamel, R. M. El-Shishtawy
Pages 99 - 104

3.New Route for The Synthesis of 3-Anilino-4-Arylhydrazono-1-Phenyl-2-Pyrazolin-5-Ones
Eman G. Sadek, M. A. Metwally
Pages 105 - 107

4.Temperature Profiles for An Air to Water Heat Pump Counterflow Condenser
M. B. Abdul Wahab
Pages 108 - 117

5.Determination of Reaction Parameters in Heavy Ion Interactions Using Track Detectors
Hameed A. Khan, Naeem A. Khan
Pages 118 - 122

6.111In or 125I Labeled Epidermal Growth Factor for The In Vivo Localization of EGF Receptors: In Vivo Stability
Meral T. Ercan, Reingard Senekowitsch
Pages 123 - 126

7.The Significance of Low Serum Iron in Tropical Pyomyositis
A. S. M. Giasuddin
Pages 127 - 129

8.Effects of Mobile Phase Composition on The Separation of Catecholamines by Liquid Chromatography with Electrochemical Detection
A. Isımer, N. E. Basci, A. Bozkurt, S. O. Kayaalp
Pages 130 - 135

9.The Isolation of Polyhedrosislike Virus from Bacillus Thuringiensis
H. S. Salama, A. M. M. Ali, S. M. Moawad
Pages 136 - 138

10.A Rare Thyroid Carcinoma in Ectopic Thyroid Tissue
Sezer Gürer, Ömer Aran, Abdullah S. Al-Dahr, Yılmaz Sanaç
Pages 139 - 140

11.Studies on The Fungus Flora and Aflatoxin Production of Cotton Seeds in Egypt
M. A. El-Naghy, M. B. Mazen, E. M. Fadl-Allah
Pages 141 - 145

12.Oral Abscess in Libyans: Hematological, Bacteriological and Immunological Features
A. M. Sherif, A. S. M. Giasuddin, M. A. Gad, M. H. El-Sheik
Pages 145 - 148

13.The Clinical, Hematological and Biochemical Expression of Hemoglobin S (HbS) in The Eastern Saudi Arabia
Mohsen A. F. El-Hazmi, Arjumand S. Warsy
Pages 149 - 158

14.Aetiopathology of Neonatal Calf Mortality
Ahrar Khan, M. Zaman Khan
Pages 159 - 165

15.Mardinella, A New Genus and Discussion on Orbitolites Shirazensis Rahaghi, 1983
Engin Meriç, Tanyol Çoruh
Pages 166 - 169

16.Microbial Biomass and Protein Production from Whey
Sanaa Omar, Soraya Sabry
Pages 170 - 172

17.A Markov Chain Model for Rainfall Occurrence in Pakistan
Faqir Muhammad, Ghulam Nabi
Pages 173 - 178

18.The Value of Ceruloplasmin Levels in Monitoring of Patients with Breast Cancer
Özgür Özyılkan, Esin Ünlü, Esmen Baltalı, Gülten Tekuzman, Nilüfer Güler, Yener Koç, Dinçer Fırat
Pages 179 - 180
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