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Volume : 27 Issue : 3 Year : 2019
Med J Islamic World Acad Sci: 2 (1)
Volume: 2  Issue: 1 - 1989
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1.A Proposal for A New Periodic Table of The Elements
Ramdane Quahes
Pages 1 - 2
A new periodic table is proposed consisting of 8 periods instead of 7. A period of rank k correspond to the completion of shells and sub-shells according to the relationship n+1= k between quantic numbers. The new proposed chart eliminates the defects of the present table and, hence, has didactic advantages.

2.Development in Physical Sciences: Process and Role of Muslim Scientists
Hameed Ahmed Khan, Tahir Hussain
Pages 3 - 4
Man has always been curious to know the nature of things existing around him and to learn about the events taking place in the universe. The preliminary information which he could obtain from keen observation of the sequence of events taking place before him and the correlation which he could make between the 'expectations' and the 'observations' gave birth to the earliest logical thought. Thus is the pre-historic 'science' the existence of 'spirits' was postulated to account for the things which occurred without apparent cause. Later this was called 'mythology' and was superseded by philosophy which took its roots in Greece about 25 centuries ago. With increasing confidence in human intellectual prowess attempts were made to determine the 'absolute truth' by finding explanations to all observations. He even tried to find out the purpose of this existence and the rationale behind the creation of the 'known worlds'. Answers to the questions such as "Why is the world the way it is? What is the significance of life and death? Was there any beginning of this universe? What will be the end of everything around us?” were sought. However, any satisfactory answers to these questions remained elusive.

3.Copper Supplementation in Treatment of Zinc Deficiency Diseases
Naci M. Bor
Pages 5 - 6
A long series of diseases are already known to result from zinc deficiency of which parakeratosis (in swine) was first to be recognized (1,28). Dwarfizm-hypogonadismanemia (22), acrodermatitis enteropathica (20,29), severe trauma and injury (3), iron deficiency and geophagia (2), pregnancy (15), acquired immunodeficiency (5, 16, 21, 23), prolonged parenteral nutrition (14), carcinomatosis (19,26), cirrhosis (11), senile osteoporosis (4), anemia and neutropenia (13) are but a few of a long list (17,18,24). To these we added several allergic ailments and diseases of unknown aetiology ranging from giant urticaria to aphtous stomatitis through exema and alopecia (8,25). It is interesting that oral administration of zinc leads to a dramatic improvement in many of these pathological conditions (6,7,9).

4.Seed Germination Transpiration Rate, and Growth Criteria as affected by Various Concentrations of CdCl2, NaF and 2,4-DNP
M. A. Shaddad, A. F. Radi, A. E. El-Enany
Pages 7 - 12
The effect of CdCI2, NaF and 2,4-DNP, when supplied in various concentrations on seed germination, seedling growth, transpiration rate and growth criteria of Zea mays, Helinathus annuus and Vicia faba was studied. The germination of the treated seeds significantly dropped as the concentration of the applied inhibitors increased, however, low doses of the applied inhibitors stimulated the germination of maize grains. The radicle and plumule lengths were considerably reduced at all levels of the applied inhibitors. Low concentrations of the inhibitors used had nearly small effect, if any, on transpiration rate, while the high levels strongly inhibited transpiration rate. Growth criteria (leaf area, and dry matter gain) of the different organs of bean and sunflower plants were sharply reduced; more prominently at moderate and high doses of the applied inhibitors. A biphasic action on dry matter gain in the different organs of maize plants was exhibited by the test inhibitors.

5.Pome Treatment Utilizing High Rate Hybrid Anaerobic Reactor
Megat J. M. Mohd Noor, Ahmad Jusoh, Abdul Halim Ghazali
Pages 13 - 16
A study was conducted on the performance of a 50 litres upflow hybrid anaerobic digester in treating Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME) which is noted for its high strength nature. The bacterial growth film on the PVC rings in the digester enables the reduction of the hydraulic retention times and the elimination of the sludge recycling process. The digester was operated at an average temperature of 30°C with an average COD loading rate of 5.2 kg/m3/d. The digester reduces about 40 of TS, 62% of COD, 70% of VS as well as 90% and 95% of VSS and SS respectively. The SS reduction in the hybrid digester is the highest compared to a few other treatment techniques.

6.Measurement of 99mTc-MDP Adsorption of Some Dental Alloys
Nesrin Anıl, Cihat Çekiç, Meral Tayan Ercan, Mehmet Mutlu
Pages 17 - 21
Test samples of five different dental alloys were prepared in discs 10 mm in diameter and 1.5 mm thick. Their surfaces were sandblasted, ground with sand paper, polished and electrolyzed in succession. 10 samples of each alloy in each surface finishing were prepared Surface roughness of each disc was determined by the use of a profilometre. The adsorption of the surfaces was measured by 99mTc-MDP both before and after 2 h of exposure to oral environment. The results indicated that the discs sandblasted and electrolyzed had the maximum and those polished the minimum surface roughness. The adsorption showed variation according to surface roughness and to the alloy type prior to exposure to oral environment. Alloy samples with different surface roughness placed in the oral cavity exhibited similar adhesive properties.

7.Hazardous Effects of Metallic Mercury
Nur Atasever, Senay Canay, Nur Alpay
Pages 22 - 26
Over the past two or three decades, there has been an increasing awareness of the hazards inherent in the use of mercury in dentistry. All aspects of handling the mercury should be given attention. Many potential sources of mercury exposure exist in a dental office. Sources include: accidental spills, poor mercury hygiene, manual mulling to excess mercury from freshly mixed amalgam, mechanical amalgamators, ultrasonic amalgam condensors, failure to use high-vacuum suction while removing old amalgam restorations, and improper dry heat sterilization of amalgam contaminated instruments. Atmospheric mercury vapor resulting from a spill of free mercury is a major cause of contamination in the dental office environment. Occupational exposure to mercury is known to have toxic effects on a wide variety of systems. Inhalation of mercury is a major cause of mercury toxication and will cause severe pulmonary damage and renal injury, and central nervous system disturbances. Many nonspecific signs and symptoms also may occur, including weakness fatigue, anorexia, insomnia and gastrointestinal disturbances. Every dental clinic should follow the proper procedures for handling of mercury to reduce the hazard of contamination.

8.Physiological Study on Riboflavin Production by A Hydrocarbon - Utilizing Culture of Candida Gulliermondii Wickerham
S. A. Sabry, A. H. El-Refai, S. Y. Gamati
Pages 27 - 30
The production of riboflavin (Vitamin B2) by Candida guilliermondii Wickerham cultivated on solar-containing medium was stimulated in presence of corn steep liguor (2 g/l), corn oil (0.1 g %), arginine, phenylalanine (1m mole/l) or COSO4. 7H2O (1000 ug/l). On the other hand, emulsifying agents strongly inhibited yeast growth and vitamin production. Similarly, FeSO4. 7H2O and MnSO4. 4H2O at 50 and 200 ug/l levels respectively also showed inhibitory effect. Among the tested purines, xanthine enhanced the vitamin production.

9.G-6-Pd Çorum: A New Variant of Glucose -6- Phosphate Dehydrogenase
M. Sezai Kus
Pages 31 - 33
A new variant of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G-6-PD) is reported. Severe enzyme deficiency (1% of normal) was found in a 16-year-old Turkish school boy. This enzyme deficiency was associated with chronic haemolytic anaemia. The partially purified enzyme had a slow electrophoretic mobility in both polyacrylamide slab gel and cellulose acetate strip system, normal Km for G-6-P, decreased Km for NADP+, normal heat stability, biphasic pH curve and slightly increased utilization of 2-deoxy glucose-6-P, galactose-6-p, and deamino-NADP+. The utilization of NAD+ by the variant enzyme was increased sixfold. The variant is named G-6-PD Çorum, after the place of origin.

10.Piperidyl and Quinuclidinyl Esters of 1-Benzanilidocyclohexane Carboxylic Acids as Analgesics
M. N. Aboul-Enein, A. A. El-Azzouny, N. A. Abdallah, A. A. Makhlouf, W. Werner
Pages 34 - 36
A series of N-methyl-3-piperidyl, N-methyl-4-piperidyl and 3-quinuclidinyl esters of 1-
benzanilidocyclohexane carboxylic acids (3a-k) was prepared and examined for their analgesic potential.

11.Preliminary Results of Radiocarbon Dating of Coastal Deposits of The Pleistocene Pluvial Lake of Burdur, Turkey
Mehmet Kis, Oğuz Erol, Serap Senel, Mehmet Ergin
Pages 37 - 40
In this study, late quaternary transgresional and regression phases of the Burdur Lake has been determined by C-14 Dating. Dreissensia shells from various level coastal deposits of Burdur Lake were collected. These shells were first converted to CO2 with %40 phosphoric acid and then to acetylene and benzene respectively. Then the benzene samples were dated after being counted in a scintillation spectrometer. The ages of the samples were found to be between 12,380-28,452 years B.P. According to these radiocarbon datings it is found that in 25,000-30,000 years B.P. the earlier transgressional deposits of the lake laid down ant 900-910 m, at 25,000-20,000 years B.P. the lake surface reached its highest level of 920-925 m and lowered with oscillations between the years 20,000-10,000 years B.P.

12.Preliminary Results of Radiocarbon Dating of Coastal Deposits of The Pleistocene Pluvial Lake of Burdur, Turkey
Sema Yavuzer, Zuhal Yurtaslanı, Onur Karan, Gülseli Yıldırım, Adnan Güvener, Serdar Yadımcı
Pages 41 - 43
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13.Effects of Prolonged Administration of Delta -9-Tetrahydrocannabinol in Rat Kidney Cells
Alparslan Özyazıcı
Pages 44 - 47
Kidneys of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) treated rats were studied by electron microscope and compared to those of normal controls. The experimental group received THC for five weeks twice daily while control animals received saline. The most important differences between these two groups were observed in lysosomes. In addition to these minor changes several large secondary lysomes were observed in the cells of proximal convoluted tubules of the delta -9- THC treated rats. The mitochondria of the experimental group were also degenerated in some cells. The morphology of filtration barrier however appeared normal in glomeruli of THC treated rats.

14.Performance Prediction for The Windmill with Cam-Guided Blades
M. N. Nahas, M. Akyurt
Pages 48 - 54
Performance analyses are undertaken for a windmill that features cam-guided flaps. A single-flap windmill is treated as a slider-crank mechanism with variable eccentricity. The cylinder axis is also considered alterable. The resulting computer program is used in connection with the AL-YASEER software package to study the performance of the system under various wind as well as rotor speeds. The results obtained in this manner are compared with those of wind tunnel experiments on a physical model of the windmill.

15.Neutrophil, Monocyte and Lymphocyte Chemotaxis in Reiter's Syndrome compared with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Rheumatic Fever
Mehmet I. Arman, Halil Ertug, Olcay Yegin, Suat Ünal
Pages 55 - 56
This study was performed to investigate the place of chemotactic activities in differential diagnosis of inflammatory rheumatic disorders. Chemotactic activities of neutrophils, monocytes and lymphocytes of the patients with Reiter's syndrome (RS) (n: 6), rheumatoid arthritis (RA) (n: 10) and rheumatic fever (RF) (n: 19) were determined in peripheral blood samples by Boyden chamber technique. Neutrophil chemotaxis in RS and RF found significantly elevated when compared with RA (p<0.05). No significant difference was found between RS and RF. Monocyte and lymphocyte chemotaxis showed no significance in all three groups. It is interesting that the results of chemotaxis study were similar in RS and RF which were both considered as reactive arthritis.

16.Serum Prolyl Hydroxylase Activiy in The Clinical Course of Viral Hepatitis
Tülay Bakır, Konçuy Mergen, Hasan Telatar, Sükran Karacadag
Pages 57 - 59
Prolyl hydroxylase activity was measured in the serum of patients with viral hepatitis and healthy individuals. Serum prolyl hydroxylase levels were maximally raised in patients with viral hepatitis during the active stage of the disease. Themcan 4396 ± 1658 cpm/min/ml compared to the values of a comparable control group (995 ± 591 cpm/min/ml). The difference between the two was statistically important (p<0.05). 8-12 weeks later this difference was no longer significant (p>0.05). It is important to note that prolyl hydroxylase activity during the course of the disease revealed a similar trend to those of transaminases and serum bilirubin levels.

17.The Preventive Effect of Vitamin E on The Neurological Toxicity of Monosodium Glutamate
Ugur Dilmen, I. Safa Kaya
Pages 60 - 61
Monosodium glutamate (MSG) has been added to infant formula but, is shown to be toxic to newborn animals. The present study is designed to find out whether vit E has a protective effect on the neurological symptoms against MSG toxicity in animals. One-day old one hundred chicks were divided into five equal groups. The chicks in group A were given MSG (3g/kg) and the chicks in groups B and C were given pyridoxine (7mg/kg) and vitamin E (60 U/kg) respectively 10 minutes before MSG (3 g/kg). The chicks in group D were injected with vitamin E (60 U/kg) 24 hours before MSG (3g/kg). Group E was control and only sterile water (0.5 ml) was injected. In group A, 15 chicks developed neurological sysmptoms, 17 died within 24 hours, and all died within 48 hours. In group B, 14 chicks developed neurologicals systoms, 18 died within 24 hours and 19 died within 48 hours. In group C, 15 chicks developed neurological symptoms, 5 died within 48 hours, 5 more died in 48 hours. No abnormality was noted in groups D and E. In conclusion, this study shows that vitamin E has a protective effect on the neurological symptoms against MSG if it is given 24 hours before MSG.

18.Levels of Zinc in The Cerebral Hemispheres Following Parenteral Penicillin in Rats
Cafer Marangoz, Erdal Agar, Mustafa Ayyıldız, Niyazi Tascı
Pages 62 - 64
Recognition that zinc (Zn) is a convulsant and is elevated in some seizure susceptible animals prompted this study of cerebral Zn after systemic penicillin. The distribution of Zn in the brain was investigated in rats with systemic penicillin (3 million IU/kg, i.p.) and in controls. Animals were perfused intracardially 2 h after penicillin. Brain tissues were analyzed for Zn by atomic absorption spectrophotometer. In animals, receiving i.p. penicillin hemispheric Zn was slightly elevated but not significantly different from controls. The mean zinc concentration of right hemispheres was 16.37±1.45 g/g. (wet weight) for controls and 17.74 ±1.4 g/g for epileptics. On the other hand, the mean Zn concentration of left hemispheres was 16.93 ±1.97 g/g for controls and 17.56 ±1.71 g/g for epileptics. The results indicate that there seems to be no significant relationship between penicillin induced seizures and whole cerebral Zn concentrations.

19.The Effect of Long-Term Parenteral Nutrition of Dogs On The Hepatobiliary System
Mehmet Oguz, Mustafa Satıroglu, Rıfat Yalın, Mustafa Dülger, Cihan Yıldırır
Pages 65 - 69
Dogs were subjected to paranteral nutrition with hypertonic glucose and aminoacids for 31 days. During the first ten days there was no significant alteration in liver function tests. The serum cholesterol began to increase on the 11th and SGPT began to increase on the 21st day. Total protein and albumin levels exhibited respective decrease. By the 31st day the rates of increase was 199.6 % for SGOT, % for SGPT, 37.3% for cholesterol, 24.4% for total lipid, 113.2% for alkaline phosphatase and 65.6% for direct bilurubine. The body weight and blood sugar showed no significant change. Marked cholestasis was detected on histopathological examination. Electron microscopic studies revealed increase in the number of the biliary canalicules and presence of inclusion bodies such as dense lipids
and lysosomes within the hepatocytes.

20.The Effect of Vitamin A on Immunoglobulin Levels during Operations Involving Cardiopulmonary Bypass
F. Demircioglu, A. Yuksel Bozer
Pages 70 - 74
Effect of open and closed heart surgery on the serum levels of Ig A, Ig M and Ig G were carried out in hundred patients. In sixty cases undergoing cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) serum Ig A and Ig M levels were found to be decreased in regard to baseline values. The mean Ig G level decreased in off bypass more significantly than hemodilution. In this study the rate of regeneration of immunoglobulins during post-bypass period was also determined. At early post-bypass 8-72 hours, serum levels of Ig A, IgM and Ig G were significantly lower than their baseline concentrations. On the other hand, on late post-bypass 10-20 days, Ig A and Ig M exceeded the basaline values, while Ig G only reaching its preoperative concentration. The rate of regeneration of Ig G, however, was slower than that of Ig A and Ig M. In order to investigate the effect of vitamin A, it was administered for then days in twenty cases prior to open operations. While the baseline values of Ig A and Ig M in patients with vitamin A supplement, were higher than in those without vitamin A the baseline concentration for Ig G was almost the same. In patients with vitamin A, the serum levels of Ig A, Ig M and G firstly decreased in off bypass and then, in post-bypass period increased in a similar fashion but almost always remaining significantly above that of patients without vitamin A. In twenty cases having closed operations, three main immunoglobulin levels retained the same value. Thus, it may be concluded that operations involving CPB cause a significant quantitative decrease in the levels of Ig A, Ig M and Ig G not only off bypass but also at early postbypass period and it is possible to prevent this fall partially with use of and adjuvant such as vitamin A.

21.Cardiac Hydatid Cyst Simulating Coronary Ischemia
Harun Tatar, Ömer Öztürk, Mehmet Arslan, Sertaç Çiçek, Hamit Isıklar
Pages 75 - 77
Hydatidosis is predominantly a hepatic-pulmonary disease, with less than 2 percent cardiac involvement. A large myocardial Echinococcus cyst may compress the surrounding heart muscle and cause ischemia.
A patient with precordial pain and ST-T changes on the ECG was diagnosed as having cardiac Echinococcus. She has been operated and the cyst removed successfully.

22.Evaluatıon of Scrotal Diseases with Radionuclide Imaging and Ultrasonography
Erkan İbis, K. Metin Kır, Ali T. Kemaloglu, Güner Erbay, Gülseren Aras
Pages 78 - 81
We have examined 106 patients suffering from various scrotal disorders with radionuclide scrotal imaging (RSI) and scrotal ultrasound imaging (SUI). Results obtained from both methods were correlated with clinical diagnosis. RSI is superior in testicular torsion and scrotal inflammations, however, SUI is more successful in hydrocele and scrotal masses.

23.Frequency of Pregnant Animals Slaughtered at Faisalabad Abattoir
M. Z. Khan, Ahrar Khan
Page 82
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24.Effect of Aspirin and Indomethacin on The Serum and Urinary Calcium, Magnesium and Phosphate A Comparative Study
Adel Gomaa, S. A. Ghaneimah
Page 83
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