ISSN 2415-1297 (Online)   ISSN 2415-1300 (Print)
Volume : 30 Issue : 1 Year : 2023
Med J Islamic World Acad Sci: 2 (4)
Volume: 2  Issue: 4 - 1989
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1.Synthesis of Some New Heterocyclic Compounds with Expected Potential Biological Activity
Evelin Boshra Moawad
Pages 237 - 240

2.New Heterocyclic Synthesis, Convenient Synthesis of Fused Pyrimidines, Pyrazoles, and Triazines
Mohammed A. Badawy, Sayed A. Abdel-Hady, Mohga M. Eid
Pages 241 - 243

3.Activated Carbon as Porous Junction for Reference Electrodes
M. Badri, W. M. Daud, Ramli Ibrahim, Karen A. Crouse, Shaharin Hitam
Pages 244 - 246

4.Effect of Ageing on The Major Reserve Molecules and Their related Enzyme in Natural Aged Seeds of Flax
Reda Helmy Sammour
Pages 247 - 251

5.Effect of Adden N-Sources on Salinized Scenedesmus Obliquus
A. A. Mohammed, A. M. Abdel-Rahman, Z. A. Ahmed
Pages 252 - 258

6.F. t. Values for Superallowed Beta Decays
Günes Tanır
Pages 259 - 263

7.Safety Tests on Mice and Guinea-Pigs with Bacillus Sphaerıcus Isolate
Ayse Bosgelmez, Lütfü Cakmakcı, Selma Yörükan, Naci M. Bor, Nurdan Özer, Bülent Alten, Behzat Gürkan, Öner Koçak, Olus Karayalcın, Feriha Gurkan, Esin Alten
Pages 264 - 271

8.Extracellular Amylase Synthesis by Aspergillus Flavus and Penicillium Purpurescence
Z. A. Olama, S. A. Sabry
Pages 272 - 276

9.Net Insulin Secretion and Irı Response Per Unit of Glucose during Hypotension and Shock
Naci M. Bor, Muhlise Alvur, Meral T. Ercan, Coskun F. Bekdik, Erol Sanlıturk
Pages 277 - 285

10.Effect of Catecholamines on Erythrocyte Mechanical Fragility
Selma Yörükan, Neslihan Dikmenoglu, Oguz K. Baskurt, Edi Elvi, Serdar Caglayan, Rüstü Güner
Pages 286 - 288

11.Use of Block Hydroxyapitite Implants in The Augmentation of Subalveolar Ridge
Necati Uran
Pages 289 - 290

12.The Effect of Age on The Susceptibility to Tri-Ortho-Cresyl Phosphate Induced Delayed Neurotoxicity in Two Different Breeds of Chickens
F. A. Fathy, S. T. Bursian, C. G. Scanes
Pages 291 - 294

13.Effect of Beating on Fibre Crystallinity and Physical Properties of Paper Sheets
A. A. Ibrahem, M. A. Yousef, S. A. El-Meadawy
Pages 295 - 298

14.Statistical Distribution of Rainfall Data and Probabilities of The Number of Rainy Days
Syed Faizan Haider, Mohammad Yousuy Hussain
Pages 299 - 302

15.Solid State Nuclear Track Detection (SSNTD): A Useful Scientific Tool for Basic and Applied Research
Hameed Ahmed Khan, Naeem Ahmed Khan
Pages 303 - 312

16.N-Isopropyl-P-123 I-Iodoamphetamine Spect and Magnetic Resonans of The Brain in A Case with Hyperglysinemia
Biray Caner, Hakan Caner, Yasushi Ishii
Pages 313 - 316

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