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Volume : 27 Issue : 3 Year : 2019
Med J Islamic World Acad Sci: 2 (4)
Volume: 2  Issue: 4 - 1989
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1.Synthesis of Some New Heterocyclic Compounds with Expected Potential Biological Activity
Evelin Boshra Moawad
Pages 237 - 240
Condensation of 4-acetylphenyl-3', 4'-xylene sulphonate with ethyl acetate in presence of sodium metal gave the 1,3-diketone (1). Reaction of 1 with hydrazine hydrate, phenyl hydrazine, hydroxylamine, o-aminophenol and thiourea has been studied. Condensation of 3,4-xylene sulphonate ester of p-hydroxy benzaldehyde VI with p-aminobenzoic acid gave the corresponding Schiff base VII. Reaction of VII with thioglycollic acid and chloroacetylchloride has been also studied.

2.New Heterocyclic Synthesis, Convenient Synthesis of Fused Pyrimidines, Pyrazoles, and Triazines
Mohammed A. Badawy, Sayed A. Abdel-Hady, Mohga M. Eid
Pages 241 - 243
A convenient synthesis of derivatives of the pyrimido (4', 5': 3,4) pyrazolo (3,2-c)-1,2,4-triazine and pyrazolo (3', 4': 3,4) pyrazolo (3,2-c) 1,2,4-triazine ring system from readily available 2-amino-3-cyano-6-methyl (phenyl)_pyrazolotriazine 1 and trichloroacetonitrile, phenylisothiocyanate, carbon disulphide and hydrazine is described.

3.Activated Carbon as Porous Junction for Reference Electrodes
M. Badri, W. M. Daud, Ramli Ibrahim, Karen A. Crouse, Shaharin Hitam
Pages 244 - 246
A piece of activated carbon was prepared from coconut shell and used as a porous junction in a reference electrode. The rate of leakage of electrolyte from the reference electrode into the test solution was measured. Its use in actual pH measurements indicated good response.

4.Effect of Ageing on The Major Reserve Molecules and Their related Enzyme in Natural Aged Seeds of Flax
Reda Helmy Sammour
Pages 247 - 251
The natural aged seeds of flax (Linum usitatissimum) displayed a marked decline in germinability and the quantity f disarccharides. This decrease was not paralleled to the quantity of -amylase which remains constant even in the non-viable seeds. The colorimetric determination of the total free amino acids, water soluble proteins, and buffer extracted proteins indicated that quantities of water soluble proteins and buffer extracted proteins were decreased on ageing, while that of the total free amino acids showed no variation. It was also found that there was no close correlation between the protein level and carboxypeptidase, amino-peptidase and proteinase enzymes. Electrophoretic separation of the total seed proteins on SDS-PAGE exhibited that the highest molecular weight subunits (leguminlike protein) were disintegrated into low molecular weight subunits. These data indicate that a complex family of substances are involved in ageing processes.

5.Effect of Adden N-Sources on Salinized Scenedesmus Obliquus
A. A. Mohammed, A. M. Abdel-Rahman, Z. A. Ahmed
Pages 252 - 258
The physiological responses of Scenedesmus to short-term NaCI salinization or to treatments with combinations of NaCI and NaNO3 or NH4CI were investigated. With the rise of NaCI salinization level in the culture medium, the photosynthetic O2-evolution was markedly reduced whereas respiration was generally promoted. The contents of soluble carbohydrates, soluble proteins, free amino acids (in particular proline) were raised with the rise of NaCI level. The addition of NaNO3 especially in small amounts resulted in a promotion of photosynthetic O2-evolution and O2-uptake when compared to those of the reference culture containing only NaCI as a salinizing agent. The contents of soluble proteins, amino acids, including proline also increased when compared to those of control culture, but when compared to those of reference cultures, these contents decreased with the rise of combination level. Addition of NH4CI resulted in a suppression of photosynthetic O2-evolution and respiration and in an elevation of the contents of soluble carbohydrates and soluble proteins and free amino acids.

6.F. t. Values for Superallowed Beta Decays
Günes Tanır
Pages 259 - 263
Recent experimental studies have improved the significance of the f.t values of superallowed O+ -> O+ nuclear -decays. In this work, a survey was made of some properties; half-lives, branching ratio, f values, for superallowed -decay branches. These data were used to calculate the resulting corrected F. t values for each transitions. The result of F.t for C10, O14, Mg22, Al26m, CI34, Sc12, V46, Mn50, Co54 were compared with those of the other studies. The average F.t value for all 9 transitions is 3080, 9 ± 0,73 sn.

7.Safety Tests on Mice and Guinea-Pigs with Bacillus Sphaerıcus Isolate
Ayse Bosgelmez, Lütfü Cakmakcı, Selma Yörükan, Naci M. Bor, Nurdan Özer, Bülent Alten, Behzat Gürkan, Öner Koçak, Olus Karayalcın, Feriha Gurkan, Esin Alten
Pages 264 - 271
Mammalian toxicity tests were carried out on mice and guinea-pigs with Bacillus sphaericus isolate numbered 3302109 isolated from the Icel region of Turkey. Test animals were injected by various routes, including subcutaneous, intraperitoneal, intravenous, and percutaneous. Also ingestion, inhalation and eye irritation tests were carried out using stock suspension of 2X108 bacteria per/ml for each inoculation. None of the animals showed any evidence of illness, and their behavior, growth and average organ weights were normal.

8.Extracellular Amylase Synthesis by Aspergillus Flavus and Penicillium Purpurescence
Z. A. Olama, S. A. Sabry
Pages 272 - 276
The potentiality of the two mold fungi A. flavus and P. purpurescence to produce extracellular amylase when grown on starch-containing medium as a sole carbon source in shaked flasks was tested. The maximal amylase productivity was achieved after 7 days incubation at 45°C. An initial pH value of 7 was found to be the optimum for amylolytic activity. Best activity was achieved upon using 2% (v/v) inoculum with 50 ml medium in 250 ml culture flask The greatest yield of amylolytic activity was obtained when starch or glycogen were used as carbon source. A starch concentration of 15% (w/v) favoured the highest enzyme activity, Ca+2 and Na+ ions showed stimulatory effect on enzyme productivity.

9.Net Insulin Secretion and Irı Response Per Unit of Glucose during Hypotension and Shock
Naci M. Bor, Muhlise Alvur, Meral T. Ercan, Coskun F. Bekdik, Erol Sanlıturk
Pages 277 - 285
In anesthetized dogs after necessary preparations pancreatic blood flow, insulin, concentrations in pancreatic venous and arterial plasma were determined. Net insulin secretion (the difference between inflowing and outflowing insulin per 100 gram of pancreas per minute), the amount of inflowing glucose into the pancreas (mg/100g P/min) and the insulin response to 1 mg of glucose (insulin secretion index) were calculated under control conditions and during hypotention and shock.
Arterial plasma insulin concentration showed a marked increase in hypotension (p<0.01) and shock (p<0.001) as did pancreatic venous plasma insulin concentration (p<0.01). Inflow of glucose to pancreas however was very significantly decreased (p<0.001) reflecting the reduced blood flow. Net insulin secretion of pancreas was also reduced significantly during shock (p<0.05), while insulin secreted in response to 1 mg of glucose insulin secretion index revealed a statistically to 1 mg of glucose insulin secretion index revealed a statistically important increase (p<0.01). Linear correlation was observed between some of these parameters while others revealed non-linear (logarithmic, exponential or hyperbolic) relationships.

10.Effect of Catecholamines on Erythrocyte Mechanical Fragility
Selma Yörükan, Neslihan Dikmenoglu, Oguz K. Baskurt, Edi Elvi, Serdar Caglayan, Rüstü Güner
Pages 286 - 288
Erythrocyte mechanical fragility in cells incubated with epinephrine and norepinephrine at different concentrations (10-9 to 10-5 M) was compared with the values obtained from the control suspensions which did not contain catecholamines. Norepinephrine had no significant effect on the mechanical fragility at any of the concentrations, while epinephrine caused a significant increase in erythrocyte mechanical fragility at 10-7 M concentration. At higher or lower concentrations of epinephrine there were no significant changes in erythrocyte mechanical fragility. The response was dose dependent. Epinephrine may therefore play a role in affecting blood flow in the microcirculation by changing the deformability of red blood cells, in addition to its known effects on the vessel walls. Further study is required to determine the dominant adrenergic receptor in this effect.

11.Use of Block Hydroxyapitite Implants in The Augmentation of Subalveolar Ridge
Necati Uran
Pages 289 - 290
Alveolar ridge atrophy develops as a result of many conditions ranging from old age to denture pressures. It is important to realize that its incidence is on the rise and is expected to maintain this trend since better care and economical developments are leading to prolongation of life in all countries. Among the procedures to restore alveolar ridge athrophy we preferred and tried hydroxyapatite implantation in 13 cases. It is observed that hydroxyapatite implantation produces a stronger adherance to the underlying bone with frequent bone growth oven the block. Toxic or inflammatory development and post implantation resorption of the underlying bone, on the other are observed much less frequently in this method compared to others.

12.The Effect of Age on The Susceptibility to Tri-Ortho-Cresyl Phosphate Induced Delayed Neurotoxicity in Two Different Breeds of Chickens
F. A. Fathy, S. T. Bursian, C. G. Scanes
Pages 291 - 294
The reason for the insusceptibility of young animals to organophosphorus-induced delayed neurotoxicity (OPIDN) remains to be elucidated. The present study was undertaken to determine the influence of age-related changes in hormone concentration on the development of OPIDN in domestic chickens. Growth hormone and testosterone radio immunoassay were utilized to estimate levels of both hormones in this study. It was demonstrated that a relatively fast growing broiler-breed of chicken developed OPIDN when dosed with a single oral dose (500 mg/kg body weight of tri-ortho-cresyl phosphate (TOCP) at six weeks of age while a slower growing layer-breed was not susceptible until 12 weeks of age. The serum growth hormone and testosterone profiles indicated that the growth hormone concentration began to decline in both breeds approximately three weeks before they became susceptible to OPIDN and that testosterone concentrations in the broiler breed increased significantly from one to nine weeks of age; while testosterone concentrations in the layer-breed birds remained relatively constant. TOCP had no significant effect on serum growth hormone in immature chickens.

13.Effect of Beating on Fibre Crystallinity and Physical Properties of Paper Sheets
A. A. Ibrahem, M. A. Yousef, S. A. El-Meadawy
Pages 295 - 298
Bagasse, wood pulp and rice straw pulps were beaten to different degrees, paper sheets were prepared from each beaten sample. Physical properties and crystallinity of each sample were determined. The results obtained shows that the strength properties of prepared paper sheets increased by increasing beating except the tear factor. A rough positive relation can be found between tear and crystallinity.

14.Statistical Distribution of Rainfall Data and Probabilities of The Number of Rainy Days
Syed Faizan Haider, Mohammad Yousuy Hussain
Pages 299 - 302
Agricultural production is affected to a large extent by the amount of rainfall, so it is essential to have a thorough record of rainfall data. Along with the rainfall the number of rainy days play a vital role in every field of planning. With the help of the previous records the distribution of the rainfall data and the probabilities of the number of rainy days can be found and the future predicted. In this article we restrict ourselves to the Faisalabed district. The distribution of the rainfall data and the probabilities of the number of rainy days have been calculated for the three decades of each month along with the probabilities of a month.

15.Solid State Nuclear Track Detection (SSNTD): A Useful Scientific Tool for Basic and Applied Research
Hameed Ahmed Khan, Naeem Ahmed Khan
Pages 303 - 312
'SSNTD' stands for Solid State Nuclear Track Detection, one of the most fascinating nuclear particle detection techniques, developed to date. It has been found to be equally useful in basic and applied research work, particularly for scientists, engineers, and technologists in the developing countries. This paper, very briefly, summarizes the useful contribution this technique has made in the past and is making at present. The state of the art of applications of Solid State Nuclear Track Detectors in fields like nuclear physics, geochronology, cosmology, biology, bird altimetry, seismology, elemental analysis, material science, lithography, etc. has been given. Some of the future applications have also been pointed out.

16.N-Isopropyl-P-123 I-Iodoamphetamine Spect and Magnetic Resonans of The Brain in A Case with Hyperglysinemia
Biray Caner, Hakan Caner, Yasushi Ishii
Pages 313 - 316
Presented here is a case with hyperglysinemia who underwent CT, IMP SPECT and MR imaging. The modalities (CT and MRI) which image the brain structure failed to explain the main neuropsychological defect. However, the IMP SPECT study showed an abnormal function map which correlated well with the clinical findings and it was concluded that: IMP SPECT was more sensitive and informative than the other imagine modalities to reveal even a mild brain damage secondary to the metabolic disorders.

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